01 December 2012

Hello December

 Hello ! Today is first day of December! I'm soo happy :) because soon is Christmas ! :) and New Year Eve. ^^ I start to think how to spend time in New Year Eve maybe I'll meet with friend ? We will see. ^^
I start to think about decorate my room in more Christmas design. ;) I think I need buy some lamps etc. :) How about you ? :) I really can't wait to see snow ! if I will see snow I promise I run outside enjoy it. XD Goodbye sad November~ ^^ I don't know but fact that it's December make me feel so excited and I feel a lot of energy XD Yesterday was Andrew Day. I made some divination by  wax pouring through the keyhole but I completely don't know how to do it and don't know how to read these things but it was enjoyable for me haha.. XD I think also about change my blog design but it will be later~
Now I have some December inspirations for you.^^

and now kind of song which reminds me about Christmas by melody ;)   
I'm sure this song will be shared here many times. XD   



  1. Christmas is so exciting! I can't wait!

  2. it's not far away, can't wait for xmas

  3. Jaka fajna piosenka. :D
    Ja kocham grudzień i chciałabym aby rok się już skończył. :>

  4. Te fotki są takie fajne i inspirujące (*w*)♥
    Uwielbiam zdjęcia w takim stylu~

  5. aż mi się świątecznie zrobiło jak paczę na te fotki :D


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