30 September 2012


Hello~ My weekend passed really good ^O^
In Tuesday I visited hairdresser ! and cut hairs a little.
just cut ends and fringe ^^ and gone to Rossman buy hair dye. ^^ 

In Friday I planed meet with my friend
but She even didn't talk with me and didn't tell me where and what hour
We could meet but nevermind. I felt that She really ignored me.
I don't like people like that, tell you that can meet etc.
but than just stop talk. Anyway this day I gone for roller skates. ^^
2 hours and I were so tired so back to home and took bath and relax ;3
 In that day I got postcard from China ! ^O^ my Chinese friend is so nice.
She wrote to me really long letter and send me little gift it's really cute. ;D
I'm waiting for more postcards ! tommorow I will send her something back ! :)

Saturday was really nice ^^ After visited hairdresser.
I had to think to make my hair colour much fresh and better
Therefore I dyed hairs for "Light golden blonde" by Wellaton.

and than go to Rumia ! I met with Matsu (Ola) my best friend. :D
I bought little gift for Spencer (Chinese girl which send me postcard - up)
I bought it in Flo ^^  than eat something so We gone to KFC :)
in Auchan and than to Auchan buy something to drink :d
Matsu lost me in this supermarket haha anyway everything were good because
We found each other and than gone to Grycan for ice cream. ^^
Than just walked and go back to home :P Weather was really bad because really
rainy and train run away haha but everything was OK. :)

This night was horrible ! I couldn't sleep because got head ache
in night ! I tried sleep but at last around 6 am gone to for painkillers.
After took them I felt better and fall asleep :3 anyway really nice my dog
Today slept with me <3 so cute ! Today I went also meet with friend Ania
which I didnt see maybe 2 years. [?] She was my schoolmate.
She study in Warsaw and really long time didn't see. But We met finally ! ^O^
We gone to coffee heaven and bought Panda Latte <3
gosh it's so cute !! I like it why I cant do something like this ><
maybe can buy somewhere some panda template! I want it !!
I met some her friend Szymon and We talked and just gone back to home. :3

That's all now some music ^^
The Gazette - Hyena
D=OUT (ダウト) - 全身全霊LIVES (Zenshinzenrei LIVES)

See ya later ! ^^

Quote for today
"It is absurd to divide people into good or bad. 
People are either charming or tedious."
- Oscar Wilde

26 September 2012

Little shopping~

Hi! How are you ? I'm fine ^^ But last time I got some kick
in my ass from life. I just think that I'm stupid that I start trust
people really fast,believe them and than they make my life bad/sad.
Since yesterday I just don't care about past and live for today.
STOP sitting in home all the time and do nothing. Therefore
in this weekend I'm really busy, I will meet with 3 friends one for one day.
so from Friday to Sunday I will be outside haha finally ! XD
I have to sell my jrock CD'S which I got and another things ^^
I made pay-pal account so now I can buy on e bay ! XD hahahahaha.. 
Anyway~ I finally got wardrobe in room but it's so big for me XD
I don't have to many clothes for this therefore need cash and shopping haha

Yesterday, I went for shopping with my mom.
I bought some details really not important but I show you them. :P
 I just think that this bracelet is really nice ^^
 I just wanted some original necklace :D this is baloon !
and really nice because long! 
I really don't have many long necklace.
and yellow nail polish :D

That's all ahh and I wanted show you 
Bonbon when He sleep XD
He looks like lion !

OK That's all for today ^^ 
Rihanna - Only Girl in the World(COVER by Wonderland)


Quote for today
"Many suffer for love, she also brings a lot of joy
but of all the feelings she is most worthy of the sacrifices  
and worth living for good or bad.."

23 September 2012


Hello~ Today is first day of Autumn ! ^O^
I don't know why but somehow I like this season.
I like golden,orange,brown coloured leaves. ^^
I like weather because It's not too cold and not too hot
but I like only two months September and October XD
November is too sad because that time the feast of the dead
and everything looks grey and sad.

Today, I tell you about one of my hobbies.
Someone told me that would be nice if i will write about
my interest and hobbies so I do it. :D
Hmm.. Anyway I would do everything for can draw
eyes like that >.< I think I need practise and more draw.
But I got not patient to this and give up always
when I see that draw is not good enough for me :D
Sorry, I have no scanner so I made pics anyway It was so late
so they are so dark but nevermind I think you can see everything.^^

It's one of my first pics :D Haha It was made in 2010 y. ;)
haahha.. really bad anyway it's Ibuki from D=OUT
if someone don't know I once really liked Japanese rock. XD

Here is Jun Matsumoto :) Japanese actor which I really like
from Hana Yori Dango drama. XD also made in 2010 y.

One of my the best pics because it was for my dear :3
Deeclan hah as you see my draw style a little changed.
but still cant make good shadows. ><

and Simba ^^ Declan's dog when She was little one.
I don't think I got talent to draw because I can draw
only from pics I can't do it from my mind.
When I try, it looks really ugly. XD

OK that's all now time for music ^^ 
Honey - Runaway


Quote for today
"People today know the price of everything
not knowing the value of nothing."

21 September 2012

Jumper inspiractions

Hello ^^ How are you ? ^^ I'm fine but probably caught cold.
I got runny nose and feel weak and cold generally. T.T
Anyway someone who were my close friend after his grandmom died.
Just left me without saying anything. I don't know
what happened but nevermind maybe need time or something.

Autumn coming to us so fast >.< what mean it's time for warmer clothes
Pity because I have only 2 jumpers and 2 warm blouse XD
So.. Yesterday, on Allegro.pl I searched some nice jumper :D
and I got some and be honest I want all of them haha.
Most of this jumpers are from hmm collection [?] "Japan style".
but I think I can find similar in normal shops and made in Poland.
Anyway I show you them. ^^

 Why They are so pretty ?! XD
I think about but one or two from those all
but I have to talk with mom.
because I got money only for one XD 
I also think about transform my one jumper.
I just want get warm and elegant jumper 
which fit to almost all things :D

OK that's all about jumpers haha.
now time for songs ^O^
Alien Huang - 忘了怎麼快樂
B.o.B ( ft. Taylor Swift) - Both of Us


Quote for today
"The mere knowledge that someone is thinking about you,  
overcomes all obstacles."

19 September 2012

Blog Inspirations (TAG: Sweet Blog Award)

Good evening! ^w^ What's up ?
Today, I did completely nothing just watched tv
and listening music. I know really boring. >.<
Anyway someone give me idea about blog inspirations
also got tag about this subject. ^^ This TAG
is called Sweet Blog Award
I'm taged by Strawberry Neko 
and really THANK YOU!

Rules :
Show 5,10 or 15 blogs which you often 
visit and would happily read. ;)

Therefore I connect it with blog inspirations. :] 
1. XiaXue
2.Strawberry Neko

 3.Donut in wonderland & Memories From China
4.Kawaii Maniac
 5.Japońska Kuchnia
7. Chiisanarebel
8. Azjatycki Cukier
10. Allex096

And those all blog I really like read and inspire me, each in their own way. ;)

 Fish Leong - Xiao Shou La Da Shou
Jason Chen - Gravity

Take care ;) 

Quote for today
"Is not it absurd that the memories of the good times   
more often lead to tears, than the memories of the bad?"