30 September 2012


Hello~ My weekend passed really good ^O^
In Tuesday I visited hairdresser ! and cut hairs a little.
just cut ends and fringe ^^ and gone to Rossman buy hair dye. ^^ 

In Friday I planed meet with my friend
but She even didn't talk with me and didn't tell me where and what hour
We could meet but nevermind. I felt that She really ignored me.
I don't like people like that, tell you that can meet etc.
but than just stop talk. Anyway this day I gone for roller skates. ^^
2 hours and I were so tired so back to home and took bath and relax ;3
 In that day I got postcard from China ! ^O^ my Chinese friend is so nice.
She wrote to me really long letter and send me little gift it's really cute. ;D
I'm waiting for more postcards ! tommorow I will send her something back ! :)

Saturday was really nice ^^ After visited hairdresser.
I had to think to make my hair colour much fresh and better
Therefore I dyed hairs for "Light golden blonde" by Wellaton.

and than go to Rumia ! I met with Matsu (Ola) my best friend. :D
I bought little gift for Spencer (Chinese girl which send me postcard - up)
I bought it in Flo ^^  than eat something so We gone to KFC :)
in Auchan and than to Auchan buy something to drink :d
Matsu lost me in this supermarket haha anyway everything were good because
We found each other and than gone to Grycan for ice cream. ^^
Than just walked and go back to home :P Weather was really bad because really
rainy and train run away haha but everything was OK. :)

This night was horrible ! I couldn't sleep because got head ache
in night ! I tried sleep but at last around 6 am gone to for painkillers.
After took them I felt better and fall asleep :3 anyway really nice my dog
Today slept with me <3 so cute ! Today I went also meet with friend Ania
which I didnt see maybe 2 years. [?] She was my schoolmate.
She study in Warsaw and really long time didn't see. But We met finally ! ^O^
We gone to coffee heaven and bought Panda Latte <3
gosh it's so cute !! I like it why I cant do something like this ><
maybe can buy somewhere some panda template! I want it !!
I met some her friend Szymon and We talked and just gone back to home. :3

That's all now some music ^^
The Gazette - Hyena
D=OUT (ダウト) - 全身全霊LIVES (Zenshinzenrei LIVES)

See ya later ! ^^

Quote for today
"It is absurd to divide people into good or bad. 
People are either charming or tedious."
- Oscar Wilde


  1. awww panda latte so cute :3 no i jak już wspomniałam ładnie ci te włoski wyszły ;)

  2. ano ;D śmieszne jest to, że w prezencie również dostałam kolejną (większą!) butelkę chińskiego wina haha

  3. nie lubię chodzić do fryzjera, jakoś zawsze wychodzę niezadowolona... XD
    ale włoski ładne, taki ciepły kolorek^^


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