29 June 2012

Bonbon and teddy bear ♥

Bonbon hug teddy bear ♥_♥
Hi ^_^
Last days I really don't have nothing interesting to do.
Somehow I feel so tired. *yawn*
My day looks like that sleep,computer,Bonbon,computer  
over and over again.

Yesterday I painted nails, my new nail polish.
Rimmel 60 sec. I told u about this nail polish in last note.
Everything is ok I mean color is so cool,
efficient, good hidden etc. but i tell u one
its not permament - after one day began to crumble.
night light

Yesterday I recored how Bonbon playing on my bed
and send it on youtube. XD Added song and it looks soo good 
and cute :3 Do you wanna see ? :DD

Today he became crazy, ran and jumped on parents bed XD
I think maybe next time I make next video haha.
Bonbon will be famous ! XD *joke*

I made hin some photo session 
so I show u this pics :D 

Haha What do you think about my baby ?:D
Can he play is some commercials for bunnies ? :P
hahahaha.. joke~ anyway I love him soo much ! ^w^

I know, now many people are happy because finished
school or passed finall exams. XD
I got holidays from 2 months 
and somehow I can't utilize them good.
 But I wish you all get cool summer holidays
and trips ;) Happy Summer ! haha. 

And Thank You COCA
for distinction therefore I send you
 to read her nice blog ^_^

I got new followers what is so nice :)
Really good to know that someone read and like my blog.
Thanks for follow me ^_^

Now time for some song.

Quote for today
"How many human in every animal."
- Felix Chwalibog

27 June 2012


Hello!! here Bonbon~
I told u that I will buy bunny :D It's boy :3
soo cute right ? ^o^ I love him so much.
He got really soft and nice fur~
and is really polite boy ^^

I'm so happy that I got him. :)
Ok I show u more his pics ;33

sleepy little baby~

My parents became happy also when They see him
running on floor haha. I think everybody love him~
and it's good ^__^ my sweetie :)

 Some things get complicated.
I don't feel so good. I just hope that everything
will be good later. I have to start read book and
study. Brother will get contract in september.
So maybe in winter or autumn I will go to england.
I just wanna get some money for go to Taiwan maybe
in summer holidays maybe for one or two months
but it's not sure yet. I must get money for this.

I got my payment last days, not so many money but ok.
I hope I can call to this woman and ask about some job
even in this stupid Tesco but I get much money
and maybe can save them to go to England or Taiwan.
That's all.

Maybe now some song :3
You are my It Boy~

Last time i started like so some covers.
Anyway I have to change music in my phone.
Ok so I go now.. 掰掰~

Quote for today
"Love, which is ready give up one's life 
will not perish."
- John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla)

26 June 2012

Shopping with Matsu

Helloo XDD
Hahaha Yeah my duracell also discharged
after whole day on shopping. :D
I bought one shirt in flowers ^o^ soo pretty.
I show u it tommorow ;) two dresses 
for spring/summer maybe early autumn XD
and new nail polish..

Rimmel  - 60 seconds
colour: 440 sun downer
I saw reviews of this nail polish
and its more in watermelon colour for me :D
I will try tommorow ;))

Haha pic in changing room with my friend Matsu (Ola)
haha twins dresses :D and we both bought them ;)
soo cool ! :D
What do you think about Dorota and pink(?) dress ? XD
It's dress from Italian shop Outlet ^^

I bought also some dress like this one.
but I got blue one ^^ show u maybe tommorow ;)
Reserved :)

Than We went for dinner and icecreams ^o^
I got raspberry, pineapple, caramel, straciatella XD
strange mix but really good pineapple so yummy !
left one is mine :P
After visit Matsu dad's in job and little shopping
in supermarket We went for dinner in Sphinx Restaurant
I'm so full after this XD Even if it don't look so big
portion but it is very sated. ;o as always in Sphinx XD

Ok thats all...
tommorow I will show u 
my new shirt and blue dress ;)
and maybe will buy a bunny !!

Anyway really thank u Matsu that u spend with me
this time ! I'm so happy ^^ I like our long conversations
and fun together :) I feel like one from 2 persons which can
really understand me and endure me. XD
love ya my friend~

Now some song which I found long time ago.
What do you think about it ? :D
I think it's sounds better in chinese and by Jason ! XDD
baobei baobei~ ohh *sing*

Wan an !

Quote for today
"A friend is someone who gives you total  
freedom to be oneself."
Jim Morrison

21 June 2012

I'm done.

Yeah that's right. I'm done REALLY !!
I only f***ed myself. I thought that everything
wrong is only because me but sure its not only
because of me. I got some proverb that 
"fault is always in the center".

I'm really tired about those fights etc.
But also feel so sick. I really don't want
do this but I feel, I should it's when
brain and heart don't work together.

Anyway I'm done. Now will be everything ok.
I must do it. I must fighting as someone told me it.
Everything will be ok right ??

but now something cute for make this
note more happy :D

such like dubstep ! hahaha.

P.S I join to give away on blog
Join, You can win many interesting things. ;)

Quote for today
 "In love, it is difficult to give to someone who doesn't want to take, 
but even harder - to one who only takes."
- Wladyslaw Grzeszczyk "Parade of paradoxes"

20 June 2012


from >>link<<
Last time somehow I stopped write notes.
I don't know why really.. Probably it's because I got no
idea about note.

This pic show lake after storm. Why i choosen this pic ?
because I had my own storm in my life.
Last days were so difficult for me. I got some problems,
but now everything going get better. I hope that now will be ok.
After those so bad days, should come wonderful days.

Today I made mask Planet Spa series, Dead Sea Minerals Facial Mud Mask 
(Maseczka błotna do twarzy z minerałami z Morza Martwego)
really nice one I think it work really got
but smell mud not really good haha.
The skin after this mask is well hydrated and fresh
smooth and soft and pores are narrowed.
Really I like it. ^^

Now some music ;)
Auburn - Perfect two
"Don't know if i could ever be
Without you cause boy you complete me.
And in time i know that we'll both see
that we're all we need.

Quote for today
"As soon go kindle fire with snow,
 as seek to quench the fire of love with words. "
- William Shakespeare

17 June 2012


Hello :33
Today were last match of Poland team.
We lost with Czech Republic 1-0
but nevermind. Thanks for Tytoń because seems
like only He tried do something. 
I'm really disappointed. What I can do ?
support German to win Euro2012 ! XD
I hope they can. ^^

Today from boredom with mom i started cook.
Maybe nothing special but did this.
Chicken breast in sweet and sour sauce.
Really yummy ! om nom nom nom nom..
and I ate more than one bowl. XD 

Time for some song ;) really nice one.

Quote for today
"Immature love says: 
 'I love you because I need you.'
Mature love says 
'I need you because I love you."

14 June 2012


Today something about Polish football team.
Really I'm so suprised, because I noticed that we got really
good and handsome guys hahahaha.
My favorite memebers are Damien Perquis but i thought He
is not so good and were suprised that Smuda got some french-polish mixed guy
and want He play in our representation but in match with russia He showed really
good detense ! and stopped russians always. haha :D
another other guy is of course Robert Lewandowski and Przemysław Tytoń!
I didnt forget also Jakub Błaszczykowski is really good. XD

Robert Lewandowski Gool!! in match with Greece :D

Wonderful defense by Przemysław Tytoń !!

and match with Russia, Kuba Błaszczykowski Gool !!

Haha maybe We didn't win(got two draws with greece and russia) 
but I'm really proud of them.!
Poland GOOOL !! :D Poland white and red !
Our eagles fly now very high haha ;)
Just We have to win with Czech Republic!
and We will leave the group! but I really believe in success
and that We can win after this wonderful match with Russia !

Euro made me big fan of football I watch all matches (not only Polish) hahaha.
everyday with family really.. :D but guess its because football
always were in my life, and others polish ppl too i think.
I think also that in match with Czech, our goalkeeper should be
Przemsław Tytoń, not Wojciech Szczęsny because He showed that
He is really good :DD probably better than Szczęsny. ;)
but its my opinion :DD How you think ?? 

Something other I ordered cosmetics from Avon but it's everything.
It's last masks and cosmetics, Now I will only buy something
to make up or nail polish.
two masks planet spa one with dead sea minerals
second mask is peel off with sake and rice
and some sun lotion to face. I just read some note
on Azjatycki Cukier blog I mean this >>note<< and she wrote 
about skin care and how important is when sun loiton got UVB
and write PA+++ in poland not so populat sun lotions
like this therefore I will start test this one, anyway where so cheap
in sale only 9,99 zł. I will tell u how it works and etc.
When I will go outside and get some make up or something.
Today I tested pink mask I mean mask with sake and rice.
Really nice it clear my face really good and make my
face more soft and smooth and I think it's the best
mask from this series. ^^ also smell so good soo
I recommend it really ^^

Ok now some song.
Italian ^_^ Really nice song i like it really..
someone know more italian songs ? Please send me. :D 

Ciao :D
hahah I see you !
 Dorota really start dream about bunny 
Gosh why they are soooo cute !? ^o^
I want one so fast hahah.. XD

Quote for today
"Doubt that the stars are fire, 
doubt that the sun doth move, 
doubt truth to be a liar, 
but never doubt I love."
- William Shakespeare

12 June 2012


Bunnies ! :D haha
I convinced my mom to recruit a new family member  
which will be a BUNNY. XD
So maybe in next weeks i get one. ;3
Hahaha feel so happy ^o^
 Bunnies live 7-10 years. soo it's good..
because my rat left me after 2 years and i survived 
it really bad. Anyway I'm ready to get new animal.
Sorry but I can't live without them. Animals were in my life
from childhood. Always I had/have many pets in home.
Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fishes, Hamsters, Rat XD haha.
Now I have dog (Ati), cat (Kociambra) and aquarium with 29 fishes haha.

What I did today ? 

Haha Ati photomodel lol.
I went for walk to forest to check my rat place. I did it
for relax too. Last days I really have some strange mood,
one time i laught a few moments later I feel bad. I really don't
like time like this, and really this walk made me feel better.

After it, I went to shopping center Szperk with mom (near my home).
We bought some fishes to aquarium and I bought something.
Bel'amour - Bow with little flowers (Pepco shop) XD
but I will back there and buy more things ! ;P

I wanna change phone for more modern one lol.
My brother who live in england probably will buy me it.
I really hope so. Goodbye my old Samsung Corby :P
pic from >>LINK<<
 Welcome Samsung Galaxy ACE XD 

Ok this is all :) for the end will be my (and my dear) one of fav frutis
which i eat all time. xd
not good pic, sorry but by phone..
 The most cute song on the world !
I love this ! (lol this bunny at the end is like me)

 Ciao !

 Quote for today
"Where there is love there is life."
- Mohandas Gandhi

10 June 2012

True Legend Will Never Die

Today I have bad messange.
My lovely rat died. [`]
Therefore I wanted show u his pics,
from time when he was "full of life".


 Sorry..but after watching those pic's, I wanna cry..
I know it's animal and he died because age. Rats dont live long.
But I feel really sad. When I start thinking how funny and smart He were.
Before die He gone from cage and went to my parents room to say "Goodbye".
Gosh, I know maybe for someone it's stupid etc. but this rat
were the best from all pets which I ever had. I buried him in forest on
a high hill in the deep grass near 3 trees. Anyway I'm sure now He is in better
place, where He can play and eat all time in rats heaven. ^^ I love you my cute rat.
Rest in peace.

 Sorry for sad note, but it's important for me and my family
because this rat were treat like family member and me
and my family are really sad because his death.

Quotes for today
"Animals have the same right to the world (as humans), 
when they are on it, the world belongs to them. 
Noah to his ark, didn't take the people themselves.
-Wiesław Myśliwski

"Awareness of death, wake you to life."
- Paulo Coelho "Veronika Decides to Die"

08 June 2012

New blog desing

Hello ^^
Today from boredom I made new blog look :D
what do you think about new desing ?
and sleepy panda on header ?
I did it also because my blog looked so sad
and boring i think those colors r more better
and encouraged to watch blog, i think. ^^
I made fonts too to easier read it. :D
I changed also my song on blog I think it's more "light".
anyway I'm waiting for yours opinions. :D

What about me ? Last days my rat got sick.
My mom told that probably can die soon. T.T
so sad !!! my fav fat rat can die. echh sure he is old.
but i didn't know that this time run so fast.

Last weeks i got also two things from Oriflame
but forgot show u it.
 Eyeshadow: colour - Pearly gold
Color Breeze Nail Polish: color - Skinny Dip

Ok, Dorota must start study ^^ 
and read books haha.
So I go make it.

Quote for today
"Do not regret,  I never regret that you could do something in life, 
and haven't done so. You didn't do, because you couldn't."
- Stanisław Lem

07 June 2012

Tell me about yourself

Zostalam wyróżniona przez Donut'a
Bardzo dziękuję!

1.Należy napisać od kogo dostało się wyróżnienie.
2.Umieścić BANEREK.
3.Napisać 7 rzeczy o sobie.
4.Podarować WYRÓŻNIENIE 10 blogom.

  1.  Kocham zwierzęta ! Sama mam kota,psa,szczurka i rybki :D
  2. Uwielbiam uczyć się przeróżnych języków biegle znam język angielski, po trochu umiem niemieckiego,chińskiego,japońskiego,indonezyjskiego,rosyjskiego,włoskiego,. :D
  3. Zwariowałam na punkcie Azji głównie Chiny(Tajwan) i Japonia ^^ ale inne kraje również chodzi tu głównie o  kuchnie,modę,muzykę.historię,literaturę,kulturę.kino.
  4. Kiedyś grałam trochę na akordeonie.
  5. Uwielbiam podróże jak na razie tylko po Polsce, mam nadzieję że w przyszłości uda się zwiedzić również inne kraje.
  6.  Kocham filmy Walt'a Disneya. ;) Ulubione to Król Lew i Zakochany Kundel. 
  7. Uwielbiam PANDĘ ! Kolekcjonuje figurki i inny stuff z "pandzim" motywem. 

06 June 2012

Ti amo

Last time i thought who is important for me.
My family and bf made it clear, They r important for me.
I don't trust nobody except them. 
I got some problems in school or something
They are always beside me and support me.
the biggest problem is that long time ago
I didn't notice what I have.. I was blind yeah..
maybe I got crazy family but really even in difficult situations
their some behaviours make me laught really.. XDD
Anyway I love whole family and he Yes, him !
only when He is beside me, I can feel happiness.
I smile only because of him everyday. Love him so much!!
He is the most amazing guy on the world for me.<3333
I'm addicted of him.<3 Hehh when i get sad or bad moment
he is beside and make me feel better  the same when I'm so happy
I share with him my happiness and he do it to me also.
and really nobody never didn't do more for me like He did.
nobody never so care about me like He do!
Good have someone who u can tell everything
and who will support u and who really care about you,
it's true love. But u know what is cool ?:DD 
Declan is only ONE and is MINE <3 ! HA!

Song for today, hmm if thinking deeply,
this song is about me and him. ;)

I got dilemma I think about erase my piercing.
but not sure yet, anyway this piercing 
got something from my past. I mean end of middle 
school hahaha. and get free lol. I did it when I had 16 y.o. 
anyway I got bored about this but 
i have it still just because I'm used to have it.
What do you think about it ? I really don't know
but guess I will erase it with time.