26 June 2012

Shopping with Matsu

Helloo XDD
Hahaha Yeah my duracell also discharged
after whole day on shopping. :D
I bought one shirt in flowers ^o^ soo pretty.
I show u it tommorow ;) two dresses 
for spring/summer maybe early autumn XD
and new nail polish..

Rimmel  - 60 seconds
colour: 440 sun downer
I saw reviews of this nail polish
and its more in watermelon colour for me :D
I will try tommorow ;))

Haha pic in changing room with my friend Matsu (Ola)
haha twins dresses :D and we both bought them ;)
soo cool ! :D
What do you think about Dorota and pink(?) dress ? XD
It's dress from Italian shop Outlet ^^

I bought also some dress like this one.
but I got blue one ^^ show u maybe tommorow ;)
Reserved :)

Than We went for dinner and icecreams ^o^
I got raspberry, pineapple, caramel, straciatella XD
strange mix but really good pineapple so yummy !
left one is mine :P
After visit Matsu dad's in job and little shopping
in supermarket We went for dinner in Sphinx Restaurant
I'm so full after this XD Even if it don't look so big
portion but it is very sated. ;o as always in Sphinx XD

Ok thats all...
tommorow I will show u 
my new shirt and blue dress ;)
and maybe will buy a bunny !!

Anyway really thank u Matsu that u spend with me
this time ! I'm so happy ^^ I like our long conversations
and fun together :) I feel like one from 2 persons which can
really understand me and endure me. XD
love ya my friend~

Now some song which I found long time ago.
What do you think about it ? :D
I think it's sounds better in chinese and by Jason ! XDD
baobei baobei~ ohh *sing*

Wan an !

Quote for today
"A friend is someone who gives you total  
freedom to be oneself."
Jim Morrison


  1. super kiece! i jakie pyszności mmmm :3 fajnie, że miło spędziłaś czas^^

  2. ojj tak, szkoda tylko, ze nie moj. ;p


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