30 July 2012


絕對達令 / Jue Dui Darling
eng. Absolute Boyfriend
Hello ^^
Today I wanna tell u something about drama
which I finished watching today. :D Drama title is Absolute Boyfriend.
I started watching this drama because main character
is one from my favorite taiwanese actors,singers Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit)
but when I started watching, it made me interested and couldn't sto
therefore 13 episodes i finished in one and half day haha.

In short, story is about girl which have bad luck in love,
by accident in park she found mobile phone one guy which
work in special company where make robots "perfect boyfriend".
She wrote how should behave and what skills should get
her perfect boyfriend ;) After this she got her "perfect boyfriend"
which she named Wan Nai Te(Jiro Wang) :) She teach him how live such like
human etc. Generally story is really cool ^^ especially unpredictable.
But end of this drama made me really sad ! T.T
If really can recommend this drama because is fantastic !!
and really move heart. :3

Ok here you got trailer
Pity that can't watching this drama in polish but hmm ^^
i think english is OK  of course if someone understand good. :)
if you wanna watch it here is link.( CLICK )
P.S New songs are soundtracks from this drama ;)

That's all what I did last 2 days. XD
Whole day watching drama haha. this is my way for holidays.
but from now I start study :) but I got something for u :D
Photos of Bonbon. I know everyone really like him.
so how i can miss note without his pics~~
Laying Bonbon under my bed :D
Sleepy darling~~
Bonbon's dinner. *om nom nom nom*

Ok, Byebye~~

Quote for today
"In love can't hurt each other  
because everyone is responsible for their own feelings 
and has no right to condemn another."
- Paulo Coelho "Eleven Minutes"

26 July 2012

work time~

Bonbon eating grass on balcony,
She is such like mower. XD
Hi ^^
So long didn't write but I had not connection with internet. T.T
Now, everything is OK but It's time for next changes in my life.
I get to work from tomorrow. I need study I got really not much time.
OK to the end of July I have to remind some things from chemistry,
in August I will study math so hard I have to pass exams and than
I will think what to do more. I think about search some job in UK 
for save money to go to Taiwan. Also need to search some job in Taiwan.
For get money there, I'm sure I wanna study in Taiwan and I think it will be 
Sinology. My friend told that it's good choice and that more easy study
it there than in Poland, moreover I will know Chinese better than after
studies in Poland. That's all about my plan for this time.

This summer is one from the most lazy summers in my life.
But I start get problem with my health. My knees are so bad
and sometimes really hurt and problems with tooth. I have to care
about myself much and have to go to dentist what scare me. XD
and doctor it's scare me also ^^ I have to start move and live much active.
So probably in weekend I will go with friend for beach. ;)

Ahh, Today my mom baked some cake, I have no idea how it's
named OK I will call it apple cake XD Really yummy ! :33

Anyway If you noticed I changed my blog desing.
What do you think about this desing ?
I don't know this summer I really started like pink and blue :D
two colours which I didn't like so much before.
Blue remind me sky but pink it's remind me some sweet things.
Anyway nevermind haha.

Now time for some music :)
Leehom Wang, 王力宏 - Ni Bu Zai

Good Time - Owl City ft Carly Rae Jepsen 
(Jason Chen x Tiffany Alvord Cover)

That's all for today ^^
Bye bye~~

Quote for today
"Conscience is this little voice which whispers 
that someone is watching."
- Julian Tuwim

24 July 2012

Youtube Channels on dative

Today note will be in polish.
because it's TAG which I have to make. ;)

 1) Zamieść regulamin i baner tagu.
 2) Wypisz w tagu kanały modowe, urodowe i takie które oglądasz.
 3) OTAGuj kolejne 10 osób.

1) Post rules and banner tag.
2) Print the tag channels in fashion, beauty and others which you watching.
3) Tag another 10 people.
Uroda / Beauty
Moda / Feshion
Inne / Others

16 July 2012

Yeah, Never give up

Bonbon say Hello

Almost one or more hours I did this Header even it dont looks
like that.. but I really just wanted something change in my blog.
I thought about give big photo of Bonbon but this I idea is good right ?
Maybe not fit a lot to blog but don't worry with time,
everything going better I really want change this blog.
This is my space to do what I want, share with u my ideas
and in some way show myself.

Last note weren't so happy note but believe me now
I feel better and got some energy to make everything better.
 Yesterday I were with Matsu in Auchan in Rumia :DD
We ate icecream~ and a lot of talk. Matsu hope see ya in Friday. ;)
I wanna meet with some people because I think my "soul" need it.
After months without seeing ppl except in school. I really need it.
I want make myself better get skills, pass exams etc.
OK, I worry that everything will be bad and won't be as I planned.
But I start believe in myself ! Because I can't give up.
as my blog got name "NEVER GIVE UP" I won't give up never.
I have to fight about my dreams ! as someone once teached me
"fighting" and yes i will, i do and i did. =)

I wanted ask who like 1D (One Direction) ?
It's really nice band from UK which joined
to American X Factor. They got really nice songs.
After it I just look on wikipedia search some informations about them
and I found that this guys r in my age. :D Really nice !
I would go for their concert if They can be in Poland 
but I don't know. We will see.
This is my favorite video.

Ahh.. and I wanted tell in December is concert
jrock(japanese rock) concert An Cafe ! I don't know maybe
I will go there. but tickets cost more than 100PLN
and in Cracow.  Anyway If you like so happy and nice music
which  sometimes in bad rainy day can make u feel really nice
You can join to this concert. ^^ An Cafe is a jrock band as
I told which got oshare-kei style. Remeber all oshare-kei music is more
happy music. Jrock got also visual-kei but it's much rock music and
sometimes such like metal. Anyway ok enough talking
I show u my favorite songs this band.

If u wanna know more informations about this kind of music or something ;)
Tell me maybe I make note about this, at the end I were interested this 
and know some things~~ :D

Thank u for all.
Thank people who read my blog.
Thanks for following.

Quote for today
"Do not give up to despair.  
Life isn't better or worse than our dreams
is just completely different."
-William Shakespeare

13 July 2012

dead point

Hi, Today I got really no mood.
I feel so sad,lonely and stupid.
I feel such like I stuck in some dead point.
No, That I feel bad because something going wrong.
I feel so happy and everything is OK.
But I start think so bad about myself. I got some
family problems. I really start hate this place (this house).
Everyone here make me feel bad except Mom.
I feel sometimes that I'm such like don Quixote
and I fighting with windmills. Those windmills 
are every bad things. I really start lose faith for everything. 
 I have enough people around me which think how They think. Person which
start or try undermine my life choices really is useless.
Many people tell me, go out, meet people, go meet with friends,
make some girly stuff, study hard make me really so dumb.
What I can say ?! I don't have anybody to go out with me?
I should be like a " forever alone" go out by myself and what I will do ?
Nothing ? thanks. I know that I should study about august exams
and I will start you don't need tell me that i should do it because
I know it. I dont know but somehow I feel some reluctance
and laziness to do those things, maybe it's some kind of depression ?
or I'm sick ? I really don't know and really don't care.
That's all really. Even Bonbon started make me so crazy.
She start eat my carpet under bed, wallpapers and paper under her cage
for She don't make a mess in my room when She jump out. O.o
It's little cute EVIL ! :P Anyway I don't feel "normal"
I wanted thanks my honey and 2 friends which can understand
what I feel Ala and Matsu (Ola). :)

That's all, sorry for not so happy and sad note.
You don't have to read it. I just wrote it for myself.
Maybe by this I will feel better.

"It's like the world is closing around us and we're doing just fine
(we're doing just fine baby)
Even if it pulls us apart cuz we'll still be alright
(we'll still be alright)
I know we'll be together after two worlds collide.
No matter how far we are from each other,
there's no distance from you and I."

Quote for today
"Love does not begin and end the way 
we seem to think it does. 
Love is a battle, 
love is a war,
love is a growing up. "

08 July 2012


Bonbon night king XD
 Hi !!
Long time, I didn't write. But It's because I had some
problems and wanted rest a little. 
Now, everything going really good. ^^
I wanted tell something but I don't know how to tell it.
But OK, I back to my darling~
We start again and I'm so happy now :3
Everything getting really good!
One problem is with exams in august
and some "myself problems". I just see, I should change.
Stop, do nothing. Just don't give up and
start fighting and working for my future/dreams!

Ok Last time i wrote that I will show u 
my blue dress from Reserved.
I got only one photo were you can see it.
but looks strange XD but ok.
I will public it haha.. so ugly pic. :P
bleeh dont look on my face and pose because
I couldn't
fit in the frame, I'm too tall.
and I didn't know what to do with hands
Ahh In august I planing photo session
Probably using two different landscape.
First will be on beach much summer session,
second will be on some ruins or old place generally.
It will be soo cool finally I get photo session !

Yesterday from boredom 
I started paint my nails green and one is orange.
I just read in some magazine that it's feshionable
get ring-finger in diffrent color so i did it and look. :D
For make u sure I did pics of two hands XD
Anyway its remind me a little Ireland
haha but didnt got white accent. XDD

Now I show u my cat spiderman XDD
Yesterday 4.00am me and my younger brother don't sleep. :D
Brother heard "meow, meow, meow".
He go for balcony with think that 
some little cat (hungry) is under and wanna food.
He look down and there is who ? :D Kociambra !
exactly two floors below. Hahahah how she did it.?!
 I really have no idea. XD We tried help her
 took blanket tied links to she sit there 
and get her up to home but didn't work
so We waited for 6am to go to
neighbor for get cat from his balcony.
Anyway She is OK. :)

Yesterday, I were in shopping center "Szperk".
I gone to PEPCO and bought some accessories!
bracelet and necklace but I'm so sure I will back
there and buy more things ;) Ok now some pic's of this shopping.

For the end I wanna show u my pics with Bonbon :D

Ok now one song
which made that
I wanted to watch Twilight XDD

Quote for today
"Happiness consists in exact determination of what 
in our lives is to be the one thing really need 
and the serene resignation of the rest."
 -Thomas Merton