27 November 2012

gifts and shopping

 Hello~ What's up ?! I'm OK. :) Today I got surprise ! My mom came to me with two letters ! First one with Spring Hand, second with chocolates and all from Taiwan ! Gosh Thank you soooooo much Lied <3 You make me so happy by this gifts ! I don't know how to thank you :)
You are wonderful :* !
 Today I went to "Szperk "shopping center with mom as always I run to Pepco shop and bought some jewellery. :) It's really great shop so cheap and there are so nice looking things ! I told you not long ago that I want more candles in my room~  so I gone to Biedronka and bought some candles :)
Golden feather - 4,99 PLN
Silver hearts with bow - 4.99 PLN
Golden cage with bird - 9,99 PLN
Candles :
LaRissa Chocolate and Cherry
LaRissa White tea and ginger
I forgot prices so can't tell you 
how much I pay for this but not more than 10 PLN. ;)

Today I got 50 followers ! 
Thank you all for follow me !

Now some really nice song ^^ Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang. Enjoy! ;3
王心凌 Cyndi Wang - 任性情人完整


26 November 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Hello ! How are you ? I'm really good. Yesterday I met with friend and we went to the cinema. ^^ We didn't know what movie we want to watch finally my friend chose The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2. 

 Ahh.. It was really nice movie but nothing special. I don't know maybe I was not in mood for this kind of movie or something but Renesmee looked really cute. :) That's all about this movie haha what I can say about it.

Last time I thought about my past I don't know if it's because of autumn or weather it just makes me think too much. I met a few nice people not long ago and I'm really happy to talk with them on video chat and just enjoy. ^^ Even we don't have too much to talk or something I like it. :)
 In Friday, Miyako and me go to Gdańsk meet with our Chinese friends for drink beer and just spend time together I think it will be nice evening. :)
  Not long ago I started theraphy for my hairs and you know that after maybe 2 weeks I really see that It working! My hairs are more soft and are not so dry as once ! Thanks Mysia and her advices ! That's really work !  

 Anyway sorry if I wont write so often or something I just don't have mood to do it. I got some personal problems. Therefore I will spend less time with my PC. ^^ Sorry for that but I will do my best ! 

Da Mouth (大嘴巴) - 防衛心態
 This song really fit to my mood. I don't know but I like
this soft melody and generally is perfect for me.
Enjoy that. ^^


24 November 2012

Gloomy Bear

Hello ! What's up ? ^^
I'm fine but a little bored. >.< I feel I getting cold because I got runny nose today. =.= From Thursday I stay in home and just in Sunday maybe I go out meet with one Chinese friend again. ^^ In next week me and Mika planing go to Gdańsk for beer~ with our Asian friends. I feel that time will be so nice.. Today I just chatted with my friends. :) One of them asked me about make pic in my old blouse Gloomy Bear. :D So I show you it. :)
Hahaaha what boredom do with people. XD I think I need change my stuff and make my phone looks more nice. I will use to this stickers which I got from my Chinese friend and need buy some stuff. I also planing go to shop buy a lot of Christmas Postcards and send it to all my friends (Polish and foreign). It's really enjoyable but actually I need wait for injection of money. XD Serious I don't know about what I should write I don't have any ideas for post. I think next time I show you some sweets from Asia because finally I need try them. ;o Ah I found new favourite singer from Taiwan I don't know why but He remindas me my one Taiwanese friend :) so similar hairs and eyes generally but when I see him in another hairstyle He don't look like my friend too much Anyway I show you his songs now. ^^
潘瑋柏 Will Pan - 專屬於你(belong only to you)

潘瑋柏Will Pan - 24個比利 (24 Billy) Acoustic version.
I just like this version much than original because by his voice
I can see his feelings ! really awesome song ;) check out !


22 November 2012


Hello~ ! What's up ? Long time didn't see you guys ! Sorry, I just was a little busy and I couldn't write >.<"
My life a little changed for this moment I think that everything going really good. Sometimes I just feel soo melancholic. I'm kind of person which like think about past sometimes. I feel really good because I live in peace with some people, because I got nice friend like Miyako and others. :)

Last time I were on shopping I bought two jumpers but I think I will change their designs and just two blouses. If I get time I will show you it next time. ^^
  Last Tuesday was one of the best days. XD First I got two letters from my Chinese and Taiwanese friend ! It was really big surprise for me and make me feel really good. ^^ Chinese friend sent me some stickers and envelopes in some cherry design! They are so cute! ^O^ Thank you! Hah little thing but made me happy. :)
After received letters I had to go for meeting with one Chinese friend. ^^ I was almost late because stupid bus >.< but I run and I was in time, I think. :D Anyway first We were eat something in Sphinx than walk and Coffee Heaven :) This time I got a Chai Orca Latte :) It was really good I like it ! :D Anyway I got gift ! It's some Chinese stuff. XD Probably to hairs just it looks like that but for me it will be just a souvenir. ^^
 Today I went in cinema because you know Orange got some gifts in Wednesdays. ^^ They give two tickets but you pay just for one. We were on Asterix and Obelix: On Her Majesty's service. It was so funny because action was in England ;) Dubbing used two languages English and Polish moreover They made special British accent which was so funny ! I couldn't find trailer with English lyrics but you can watch in Polish or just try find it in English. XD Generally if someone like movies from Astelix and Obelix series,
I'm sure will like it! :D

OK, I will leave u with this trailer.
Seee ya soon. ;)

17 November 2012

New home

Hello, How are you ? I were in shopping center called Szperk :) near my home. ^^ I came to show you new Bonbon's cage. :D She is so happy because got bigger doors and don't need jump to go out. XD I bought also some snacks for her ^^ She is so cute right ? I tried open it and make pic with open doors but Bonbon wanna go out =.=" but it's too late for it. XD
Hahaha her home~~ Gosh why bunnies are too cute >.< I need buy her new carpet because this she ate LOL. Bad bunny really bad :D I think that red one fit to her character and is much girly than dark blue one. :P Now She enjoy her new home. :D

 Except visit in Pet Shop. I gone to Empik I bough postcard for my one friend from Taiwan. I need to send her a letter. :D Anyway why everywhere are Christmas cards ! gosh it's November not December >.< I can't find normal postcard actually... egh so angry.. =.=" I gone to Pepco Shop and as always I saw so many nice jewelry but bought just a earrings. XD I'm sure I will back there soon !
What do you think about this little cute bows ? :D (just 7,99 PLN ;D )

OK, I need go sleep tomorrow
I need wake up early because 
I go for shopping with my friend Miyako. ;D 
I got music for you :D 
Enjoy ! 
Daniel Jang - Without You Violin Cover

See ya next time ;)

16 November 2012

Little shopping~

Hi ! :D What's up ? :3
Sorry, Yesterday I had no internet so I couldn't write nothing >.< but finally I got it and I'm happy. :D

Today I was on shopping with mom and post office. ^^ I send two postcards to my friends one from China second from Taiwan (I send postcard second time because this friend still didn't get last postcard which I send almost month ago and i'm so angry because it was lost maybe >.< stupid post office!).

First where we gone it was shop called Powidło but there was nothing interesting and generally so bored. XD Than I gone Rossmann drugstore. ^^ For new shampoo and hair conditioner which I treated as my homework. I need make my hairs in better condition because now they looks so bad! I got some advices from girl which know almost everything about hairs and how care about them. (http://kokardka-mysi.blogspot.com/)XD
  Conditioner - Gliss kur from Shwarzkopf with Liquid silk
Shampoo - Alterra naturcosmetic (with natural extract from pomegranate and aloe vera)
Conditioner - Gernier Ultra Douc with Avocado oil and Karite butter. ;)
Now I need only mask for hairs and I'm sure my hairs will looks perfect and
get better condition ! XD
 After this I gone to post office to send postcard to my friends. Than I gone to Batory it's shopping center in my city. :D I gone there fore glue to fake eyelashes. ^^ And from that shop I gone to Chinese Shop. :) I bought there next pair of fake eyelashes (only 3PLN so why not [?]) and bracelet. ^^
Left eyelashes I got from Miyako right ones I bought in Chinese shop.^^
bottom is Inglot glue to eyelashes but I think about but some much
bigger bottle of this. XD
 When I noticed this golden bracelet in rock style I had to get it
anyway it was cheap because just 12 PLN.
In Saturday I'll go for shopping with Miyako~ I can't wait because so long didn't see her haha I miss you. XD I don't know how it happened but you became one of my good friends. :) Maybe tommorow or just next week I gonna with mom buy new cage for my bunny ! XD She will get new home haha my cute Bonbon. <3 Mom planing also some renovation of the kitchen and the hallway so it will be really interesting. XD I leave you with new song from Show Luo. ;) Enjoy !
羅志祥Show Lou - 舞極限 Over The Limit


12 November 2012


Hello ! What's up ? 
Today note will be about food XD so I can make you hungry hahaha.. On the picture is my cat Kociambra which almost every night come to me and lay under lamp in this way. :D

Long time ago I told you that my friend Miyako gave me Mochi. Milk Mochi and Taro Mochi. :) I think that Taro Mochi is better than Milk but OK.

Taro Mochi. Package is really nice and easy to open.
first what I felt it was specific smell and from that time I knew I will like it.
Consistency is specific as rubber. XD I really like it !
Colour is a little grey and purple as u see.
Smell a little like blueberry but it's really sweet and yummy !

Milk Mochi Package was the same as in Taro Mochi.
I didn't felt some specific smell. Consistency is a little diffrent because much sticky [?]
what bothered me but I like it ! Colour white and with yellow thing inside
and yeah smell and taste like a milk also so sweet but Taro Mochi
is for me much better and more delicious than Milk.:D

OK that's all for today ^^ Now I wil leave u with song which I saw today.
Someone who liked Tokio Hotel will be happy. :D
Far East Movement (ft Bill Kaulitz) - If I Die Tommorow

See ya next time ;)

Tags : Liebster Blog and Blogging fun

Hello ! This note will be a little diffrent because will be in Polish but it you want you can translate it by translator in right corner.
Nominacja do Liebster Award jest otrzymywana od innego blogera w ramach uznania za "dobrze wykonaną robotę".
- Odpowiedzieć na 11 pytań otrzymanych od osoby, która Cię nominowała.
- Nominujesz 11 osób (informujesz ich o tym) oraz zadajesz im 11 pytań.

Dziekuje za nominacje MARITĘ:)

1. Co byś zmieniła, gdybyś mogla cofnąć czas o 5 lat?
Nic bym nie zmieniła w końcu było minęło ;)
2.Na co wydałabyś 100tys zł, gdybyś wygrała?
Wycieczka dokoła świata !
3. Gdzie pojechalabys w podróż marzeń?
Chciałabym zwiedzić całą azję ale głównie Chiny(w tym Tajwan)
4. Skąd pomysł założenia bloga?
Koleżanka mająca bloga kulinarnego mnie jakoś natchnęła.
5. Kto jest Twoim idealem? Jako człowiek...
Nie mam ideału.
6. Chodzisz do spowiedzi?
7. Lubisz rozmawiać ze starszymi ludźmi o życiu?
Oczywiście w szczególności z mamą. :D
8. Byłaś kiedyś na pokazie mody?
Nie niestety nie miałam okazji uczestniczyć w tego typu event'cie.
9. Zdarzylo Ci sie nie spać cala noc, na rzecz pracy nad blogiem?:D
Może pare razy. ;)
10. Zyjesz tak jak chcesz?
Wydaje mi się że tak ale wciąż wiele rzeczy bym zmieniła.
11. Jestes szczesliwa?
Aktualnie ? Nie do końca.

Moje pytania:
1)Ulubiona książka ?
2)Kawa czy herbata
3)Eyeliner czy kredka
4)Kolekcjonujesz coś ? Jak tak to co to jest.
5)Ulubione zwierzę
6)Książka czy film
7)Masz rodzeństwo? jeśli tak to ile i jakiej są/jest płci.
8)Miasto czy wieś ?
9)Co najbardziej cię denerwuje ?
10)Z kim z rodziny masz/miałeś najlepszy kontakt?
11)Ulubiona roślina

Blogging Fun (Zabawa Blogowa)

Zostałam zaproszona do Tagu przez Allex

1. Zamieść baner w poście odpowiadającym na TAG.
2. Napisz kto cię o tagował i zamieść zasady zabawy.
3. Odpowiedz na wszystkie pytania.
4. Zaproś do zabawy 5 innych blogerek.I napisz im że zostały otagowane.

1. Ile czasu prowadzisz bloga i co jaki czas publikujesz posty?
Prowadzę blog od marca więc jest to już 8 miesięcy. 
Zazwyczaj co 2 dzień a czasami rzadziej.
2. Ile razy dziennie zaglądasz na bloga i czy robisz to w pierwszej kolejności?
Przez to że mam sporo wolnego czasu to przesiaduje na blogu wiele godzin. ;) 
W pierwszej kolejności akceptuje komentarze i na nie odpowiadam. ^^
3. Czy twoja rodzina i znajomi wiedzą o tym, że prowadzisz bloga?
Rodzina wie ale nie przywiązuje do tego uwagi.
Znajomi wiedzą non stop informuję ich na Facebooku o nowej notce. ;]
4. Posty jakiego typu najbardziej interesują cię u innych blogerek?
Głównie są to posty z życia wzięte lubię czytać różne przemyślenia osób..
Uwielbiam też czytać wpisy typowych włosomaniaczek szukając jakiś porad. ^^
5. Czy zazdrościsz czasem blogerkom?
6. Czy zdarzyło ci się kupić kosmetyk, 
aby zareklamować go na swoim blogu?
7. Czy pod wpływem blogów urodowych kupujesz więcej kosmetyków, 
a co za tym idzie wydajesz więcej pieniędzy?
Nie.. Chyba że na kosmetyki do włosów ;)
8. Co blogowanie zmieniło w twoim życiu?
Zmieniło moje podejście do ludzi dzięki blogu otworzyłam się i cały czas mam
"otwarty umysł" na wszelkie opinie i sprawy.
9. Skąd czerpiesz pomysły na nowe posty?
Samo przychodzi ^^
10. Czy miałaś kiedyś kryzys w blogowaniu tak, że chciałaś go usunąć?

Blogi które otagowuję w obu tagach jeśli w jednym był otagowane to mają tag drugi ;)

10 November 2012

Soul of Asia vol. 3

Hi ! Thank you for all comments under last note but some people bad understood those things about which I wrote but it's OK because I know I didn't write nothing in a simple.

Anyway, How are you ? My days last time were so bored I just waited for day when I can go somewhere. This day was yesterday. :D hahahah OK I wrote a little complicated but nevermind :D Yesterday I couldn't sleep almost whole night because thought about evening. :P I didn't know what dress up etc. At the end I decided that it will be just shorts and some nice blouse with birds :D ! I gone to Miyako ♥(her blog >>HERE<<) around 4.30 pm. I were in her home around 5 pm. so I was punctual ! XD Nevermind that I didn't know to which staircase go and ring to some strangers LOL. but I learn it after a few min. and go to her. ^^ We meet and started prepare to party. ;) She gave me artificial(or fake how who want) eyelashes. XD I just improved make up and We was ready to go :D
  Sorry that pic not so clean but in her room was bad light etc. :D but nevermind I just wanted have pic with her <3 I love you ! you know. ;) I'm so happy that I met you. ^^ I ate something and We run for train. :D When train came as always a little late. =.= We meet in train Saku. :D My old friend from some jrock concerts. ^^ We talked and finally in Sopot. :D I remeber way to club but We lost at the end =.=" Good that I noticed Luzgan :D My friend and asked him that it's here and finally We were in right place. XD I meet some my old friends and people which I don't like but meet also some new nice people. We started drink etc. When I gone with Saku to toilet I meet my some old Chinese friends. When I noticed them I feel so happy haha because I didn't see them so long. :) 
 Left : Xin , Miyako , Me , Saku and Gavin.
  I hope anybody kill me for publicate this photo haha I think it is nice one. XD As at the party We just talked,danced,sing and played to Gangnam Style. Haha It was really nice whole my stress gone away and I forgot about my life for a while. ^^ So much fun and it's one night which I will remeber always. ;) At the end of party I felt a little down just some stupid thoughs come back to me in one moment. I felt so sad so We just gone to home but now I see it was really good time a lot of fun and with people which I like. :) "Because in life the most important are only moments". Thank you all for everything really... I know I'm sometimes strange and behave so silly but it's me and nice that you accept it. ;) I hope that We will keep in touch. :) I were in home around 4 am. In train to home was so many people because you know Friday night means party time. Actually I feel hurt in legs and throat and a little hangover even I didn't feel drunk yesterday. ;O

 I feel that soon I get shopping day with mom ^^ anyway I have some news for you to show etc. but it will be in next note ;) Now some song which pitiful I heard only one time at this party. >.<" You know it was party only with Asian music. I'm asking why there was all time kpop and just 2 songs taiwanese pop =.= egh but ok maybe next time I can propose something and it will be accepted because I was too late when I learned about this party. =.= Anyway OK now song.
Show Luo - Count on me


07 November 2012

Personal thoughts

Witam ! Co tam ?! ;D I'm OK. Everything going good but I'm soo bored I think I start to search some part time job. I just need money for going to UK etc. I can't wait till my bro help me. >.<" I'm so lazy person but I have enough everything and this laziness.

That's what I saw when I woke up. Sunlight come to my room and when I opened eyes I saw only sunlight. When I get up I noticed that it's raining too. I had hope for rainbow but I didn't see it T.T What a pity. Anyway I liked this view so I wanted show you it. ^^

What do you think about this picture ? Maybe It's not perfect and clear etc. but for me this photo have something special and show what I wanted to show you.

Sorry, that I'm a little hmm...upset [?] Just I started think a little about  my future and plans. I really don't have specific plan for my life. I had dreams still keep them but I don't know what I want now. I'm not sure I want travel or go at university get good marks and maybe get work in proffessional which I got by university. How many people work after university in job  for which they are prepared by universtiy ? In Poland It's not too many people, most of them work in MC.Donald or KFC or some supermarket etc. :D After high-school I also can work in supermarket or KFC so for what I need go to university in Poland ? I got some simple plans but I can make them come true ? I have no idea but I know I will keep them in my mind and if I will really believe in this plans. They will come true.

  People, some are friends others are just a strangers with We just talk but don't feel close to them. I mean close like a friends. They are not people which you could trust or which accept u and are good to you, help you doesn't matter what happen. Sometimes you feel this person is important for you, spend with you time, accept you, listen you and help you when you feel down but after longer time this person start hate you without some special reason. You think it was just a game ? false ? it was friendship ? I don't know but people which know this feeling. They stop trust others at the end if They trust really easy you can broke this trust or hurt them. That's all what I think from many years. I know that almost anybody won't read it and mind what I write here. I just wanted write something from my mind. It's my space to write what I want, what I think and everything else...

 Love? What is it ? I thought that it's time when two persons feel warm in hearts,feel good and trust each other. They don't need lie and hide anything. What if person which you love just destroy yourself ? slowly and slowly you stop feel this love ? you love this person and don't want lose but you feel like in cage ? that you are happy when is one week without quarrel ? finally after a couple of months you feel broken and you know that you don't feel love to this person and he became better ? change ? magic change ? can't believe it than you learned that some things which this person said to you in past and you believed in this words were just a lie ? how it happened ? how someone who you trusted so much, for who you would jump in to fire really easy just lied to you. That's mean it was love or not? how this feeling could be created into the lies ? it was just blind by love ? what is it ? I understood that love is only in family. They know about you almost everything They know real you almost all your secrets but accept you and love you, protect you and help you and you got only them when everyone leave you and can't lie to you because you know them so good and you just feel when they lie...

I didn't know what to cook today so as always made "Chinese" food. :D It' just chicken breast in soy sauce and vegetables from "Chinese mix" there were mum mushrooms etc.
mung bean sprouts. I added just bamboo and one more onion. :3 This time dish was with pasta. XD I know it completely don't fit to some Asian food because should be rice or noodles but never mind. haha It was really yummy. ^^ I love cook dish like that season them, etc. I even got book with some oriental noodles recipes. So when I will try one of it. I will tell you and show recipe to let you try cook it also. ^^ For Saturday I planing make Creme Caramel. It will be really good for desert. :)

  Hah I know this note is so long. Therefore maybe less people will read it but I believe in you. ;) Now I wanna show you guys next violin cover. I think it's really great cover one of my favourite European songs! I like violin covers so much so I want share with you my love to violin. I hope you will enjoy it. ^w^ I promise you that it isn't last violin cover for you. haha ;)
One Direction - One Thing - Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover

Trzymajcie się ^^

05 November 2012


Cześć ! Jak tam ? I'm OK ^.^ Today I got really nice surprise ! When I woke up my mom come to my room and showed me some package. XD I guessed who could send me something because told that buy some sweets etc. :D It was from Taiwan. ^^ From my friend Lied <3 Haha sweets was send because Halloween :D Not long ago I did it also to him I hope He will enjoy as I did. ^^ as last time Lied draw for me postcard haha It's in halloween style.^^ I like it so much !  
谢谢你 !!
I tries two things from that package. :D First was some Chili Boiled Quail Eggs. They had specific smell. After a few I started feel spicy taste. They are good but I prefer much sweet things or much spicy.XD
Second thing - Chocolate candies. :D Gosh They are so yummy ! Delicious <3 I like it so much :D Consistency is a little like Polish Krówka. but They are much chocolate. :D Anyway I liked them. :)

Someone tried some forgein sweets and got favourite ones ?
if got what kind of sweets it's and which country ? :)

Ok time to say goodbye :D I leave you with nice violin cover. If someone have enough Gangnam style or just like this song I have something special for you. :D I like violin so I found it. 
PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) - Jun Sung Ahn Dance & Violin Cover 
Enjoy ;)


04 November 2012

Daily life

Hello! Co tam ? I'm fine ! Sorry, last time I really don't want read other blogs or reply for comment therefore I do it late. Sorry for this. I hope I get better soon and I can enjoy with u all !

Anyway Last time I found something on sky ? Soo beautiful view right ? and who could believe it's made just by digital camera. Haha I guess it's special camera for take pics of sky.

I'm really lazy last time and don't do nothing special. I just thinking about my life and future. Hmm.. I started fire candles in my room and I think I should buy more candles ;) I like it because They have some special climate and make me relax in aumn night's.
 What do you think about it? about this style of writing ? Do you like it ? I wanted just something new in my blog so I did it. ^^ I think it's more nice and I will add always some main pic made by me or found in web but I promise more pics will made by me ! :)

 How I spend my time ? Mostly play in pico/pigg. I wrote about this games once. (HERE) Haha I like spend time like that chatting and play in this game like that.. :)

 Last time I also send some new postcards to people from Asia and one friend from Portugal. :) I hope They reply me fast ! :D I really enjoy writing and getting postcards. ^^

 Something will happen next weekend. ;) Dorota going at the party ! theme party ^^ It's party where will be only asian music : korean pop , japanese pop and chinese pop. I guess more will be kpop but nevermind I hope I can enjoy with my friends that night. :D Maybe I will make some pics [?] who knows. In day of party I will meet with Strawberry-Neko ! :3 We go there together ! Ahh I'm happy I can go at the party with her and I'm so excitated ! I can't wait for this event. ^^
 Ahh my blog got 12000 views ! I'm so happy that u reading it and follow ! Of course I don't write for statistics but for myself and for you guys !

 I will leave you with one of the best covers which I found ! This guy have really nice voice ! Enjoy ! 
Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (Daeho Cover)

Take care ;*

01 November 2012

Hello November

Cześć ! Co tam ? I'm OK. ^^
Sorry, I didn't write longer time but I had no idea
what I could write. >.< Today I will show u some food :D
German sweets and some made by me which once were
on blog but I cooked them again and wanted show it new readers. ^^
Not long ago when my mom back to home She come with sweets !
soo many sweets German and others which I never ate. :P
First was lindor Chcolates ^^ really yummy as truffles

 Than some strange cookies O.o
 Petits fours med choklad & marang
but really yummy ^^
and marcepan ! really yummy small chocolate ;)
The rest i think that everyone know. ^^

Oneday my mom came to home from walk with dog and told
outside is stray kitty ! so i run there and found him.
Gosh sooo cute ! I wanted take him to home but He was afraid >.<
Probably lost his mommy T.T At the end He found his momy after 2 days.
and stopped visit our flats. T.T

Last days I also started cook as I told the same dish
which I showed u once it was my own hot doggs :D
its sasuage in french cake with cheese and ketchup :)

 They was really yummy ! I love it. :)

and Classic Dorota's Salad with mozzarella , t
omato and special sauce by me ^^
I love this salad I could eat it more often. XD
really delicious and got original taste I like it.

 I don't know why but I dont have inspirations to write.
I need think about it. Last days became wonderful :D
All the time I send postcards and recive them :)
I'm really happy ! I waiting for a few which are on the way
to Poland. ;) But everything I will show you when I recive it. :D
Haha at the end I want show you Bonbon :)
He really grown up ! :) Ahh so cute bunny :DD
Acturally He changing fur for winter :D Therefore in some parts
of his body is less hairs because new hairs are really short
and strong :D OK that's all for now ^^ I leave u with music !
炎亞綸 Aaron Yan - 「紀念日」 The Moment