16 November 2012

Little shopping~

Hi ! :D What's up ? :3
Sorry, Yesterday I had no internet so I couldn't write nothing >.< but finally I got it and I'm happy. :D

Today I was on shopping with mom and post office. ^^ I send two postcards to my friends one from China second from Taiwan (I send postcard second time because this friend still didn't get last postcard which I send almost month ago and i'm so angry because it was lost maybe >.< stupid post office!).

First where we gone it was shop called Powidło but there was nothing interesting and generally so bored. XD Than I gone Rossmann drugstore. ^^ For new shampoo and hair conditioner which I treated as my homework. I need make my hairs in better condition because now they looks so bad! I got some advices from girl which know almost everything about hairs and how care about them. (http://kokardka-mysi.blogspot.com/)XD
  Conditioner - Gliss kur from Shwarzkopf with Liquid silk
Shampoo - Alterra naturcosmetic (with natural extract from pomegranate and aloe vera)
Conditioner - Gernier Ultra Douc with Avocado oil and Karite butter. ;)
Now I need only mask for hairs and I'm sure my hairs will looks perfect and
get better condition ! XD
 After this I gone to post office to send postcard to my friends. Than I gone to Batory it's shopping center in my city. :D I gone there fore glue to fake eyelashes. ^^ And from that shop I gone to Chinese Shop. :) I bought there next pair of fake eyelashes (only 3PLN so why not [?]) and bracelet. ^^
Left eyelashes I got from Miyako right ones I bought in Chinese shop.^^
bottom is Inglot glue to eyelashes but I think about but some much
bigger bottle of this. XD
 When I noticed this golden bracelet in rock style I had to get it
anyway it was cheap because just 12 PLN.
In Saturday I'll go for shopping with Miyako~ I can't wait because so long didn't see her haha I miss you. XD I don't know how it happened but you became one of my good friends. :) Maybe tommorow or just next week I gonna with mom buy new cage for my bunny ! XD She will get new home haha my cute Bonbon. <3 Mom planing also some renovation of the kitchen and the hallway so it will be really interesting. XD I leave you with new song from Show Luo. ;) Enjoy !
羅志祥Show Lou - 舞極限 Over The Limit



  1. miałam taki szampon z garniera ale nie polubiłam go bo strasznie obciążał mi włosy xd
    bracelet <33

  2. You did it ;) Looking for the great changes :*

  3. Miałam kiedyś ten szampon Gliss Kur - jeden z moich ulubionych :)


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