27 November 2012

gifts and shopping

 Hello~ What's up ?! I'm OK. :) Today I got surprise ! My mom came to me with two letters ! First one with Spring Hand, second with chocolates and all from Taiwan ! Gosh Thank you soooooo much Lied <3 You make me so happy by this gifts ! I don't know how to thank you :)
You are wonderful :* !
 Today I went to "Szperk "shopping center with mom as always I run to Pepco shop and bought some jewellery. :) It's really great shop so cheap and there are so nice looking things ! I told you not long ago that I want more candles in my room~  so I gone to Biedronka and bought some candles :)
Golden feather - 4,99 PLN
Silver hearts with bow - 4.99 PLN
Golden cage with bird - 9,99 PLN
Candles :
LaRissa Chocolate and Cherry
LaRissa White tea and ginger
I forgot prices so can't tell you 
how much I pay for this but not more than 10 PLN. ;)

Today I got 50 followers ! 
Thank you all for follow me !

Now some really nice song ^^ Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang. Enjoy! ;3
王心凌 Cyndi Wang - 任性情人完整



  1. Fajne są te kolczyki!
    No i świeczki z biedry yaaay <3 haha :)

  2. I love foreign candy. My favorites are the German kinder bars

  3. uwielbiam świeczki zawsze w domu mam ich zapas :)

  4. W Carefourze ..ale chyba wszędzie są;p
    ten jest glicerynowy,więc też wchłania wodę dobrze i nawilża;)

  5. super zdjęcia ;) mam nadzieje, że zakupy Ci się udały. ;)

  6. w tej chwili naprawdę marzą mi się wakacje..!
    btw, świetne są te świeczki zapachowe, uwielbiam je^^


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