28 October 2012

Oliwa Park

 Cześć ! ^O^ I have something special for you. :)
First it's new header ! What do you think about it ?
It's shows what I love so much : Panda,Taipei,
Postcards,Cooking,YaLun,Photography,London and Bonbon~!
All in one and sentence "In life, there are things worth fighting to the end.".
I love it because it's make me say everyday "加油(jiayou)!" and by this
 I getting faith and keep doing my best for make my dreams come true.
It's kind of motivating sentence for me. ;)
[ 加油 - do you best (fighting) ]

Some people know what it is because I shared it on fb.
Week ago I went for photo-session with one of my blogger friends. :)
This session were in Oliwa Park. ^^ It was my first sesion with
photographer ! Maybe not so professional but for me. She is professional ! :D
This person is Karolina - http://fioletowe-serce.blogspot.com/ .
After this photo-session I want more and more pics with her. :)
We have some plans I hope She come to 3city again and We can meet. ^^
She is really soo nice person. What made me suprise that 
She is in my younger brother age. ;O But She is more mature than he lol.
Anyway enjoy pics ;) some are from her blog some I got in email. ^^
Which just I edited ^^

 What do you think about them ? :D
Ahh sorry that without smile or something. But I made those pics really early
maybe 10 am ? :D for me its early I had to woke up also so early to go to Gdańsk and
slept only 5 hours so I were still sleepy on them haha. :D
 But no problem ;) Next photosession will be better^^ 
Just It was my first time with Karolina and her camera etc.

Now song from new album Ya Lun :D
"The moment" ^^ I can't stop listen this album.
炎亞綸 (Aaron Yan) - 可能妳還愛我 (Maybe you still love me)

OK enjoy pics and music !


27 October 2012


Hello~ Long time ago I wrote HERE that I start watching
drama called Alice in Wonder City/Give Alice a Miracle ( 給愛麗絲的奇蹟).
I already finished this drama and I really with clear heart
can recommend it to you ! I felt in love in this drama !
The end of this drama is amazing. It's not normal drama
about daily things. This got something special and so
many classic music. After watching this I started to think
about play on violin. XD Crazy but true haha.
I don't regret that I watched it at all. Ahh and this beautiful
song from Aaron Yan !
Aaron Yan - Yuan Lai 原来

A few gifs from my favourite moments in that drama ^^

 and now hugs and kisses XD

 By the way as maybe some poeple noticed I love Aaron (Ya Lun). :D
It's my favourite singer and actor from all ! :D Therefore almost all gifs with him haha.
He is really great actor and really talented singer ^^ I hope that someday
I can go for his LIVE :) It's one of my dreams ^^ Anyway I searched soundtracks from
this drama I found that He got new album about which I will write next time ;)
Maybe someone will notice that he have really good voice etc.
except me and a few people in Poland :D


25 October 2012

Kimono Inspirations

Witam ^^ What's up ? I'm really good. :D
The last days good mood don't leave me. :)
I'm full of optimistic ideas ! I can't wait till I will go to London.
Start new life ! I will follow my dreams! It will change my life.
That's about what I think last time. I make plans. I dreaming
about new better future ! I know that in world is place for me.
I just need find it as everyone. Maybe you noticed
that my blog changed name  for : 永不放棄《Never Give Up》
(永不放棄 in Chinese mean Never Give Up)
I just noticed many people had the same title as me
so I changed it. I think now it looks better ^^ I thinking about many changes
on my blog but everything will happen slowly. ;)

I got an idea~ I wanna buy or sew KIMONO.
Not so traditional but classic and short one.
I will need it to photo-session which I think I get in spring. ^^
I just think I need it in my wardrobe. :) It can be good
for some special events or something :) Always I can sell it
when I get bored of it. I show you my kimono inspirations.

#1 This one is so classic ^^ I would make it in this or beige colour
and a little longer :) I think looks so great !

#2 Ahh about kimono like this I dream so long. In middle school I wanted
get one like this. It looks really nice and love it !

#3 This one looks so clasic too not too many things ^^ I like it
but I think I would make it in white and pink colour

#4 I saw once girl in Kimono like this :) It looks pretty nice
and I would make a little longer one ^^ Yellow colour
also looks interesting.

 #5 Nive but too much flowers it's not my style
but maybe in uniform color [?]
I like just this cutting ^^


 #7 Just nice colours and cutting :)

#8 Nice and classic such like Hanfu dress ^^

 What do you think about Kimono ?
Would you like wear this ?

I leave you with nice song ^^ 
Arashi - Everything

"Biore udzial w ROZDANIU kosmetykow GIORGIO ARMANI'ego u Marity na blogu


24 October 2012

Kimi to Boku

Hello~ Today I wanted tell you about Japanese
movie which showed me my friend. ^^
When my friend show sent me a video from that movie
I felt in love in this and could not watch this ! :D

Kimi To Boku キミとボク
(eng. You and me)

The film is a 45-minute live-action adaptation of Shigeto Yamagara’s 
autobiographical flash animation of the same name, 
which has racked up over 4.8 million views since 2001. 
Aoi Nakamura stars as a young aspiring manga artist 
who’s able to deal with loneliness and separation 
from his family through the companionship of an American Shorthair 
cat named Gin-o-gou [Milk way] (voice-over by Maaya Sakamoto).


 I think movie is so nice~ I really like it. It's just about lonely guy
which find cat ^^ and they became best friends :) always together.
I think this story is very simple but move every heart !
Even I cried when I watched this :DD
You can watch this on youtube in HD ^^ with english subtitles. :)
If you have 45 min. just watch it because it's worth watching.

Did you watched this movie ?
What do you think about this movie ?


22 October 2012

Busy weekend

Park Oliwski in Gdańsk >>CLICK<<
Cześć! ^^ This weekend were pretty nice for me. :)
I have many good info and things to show you.
Friday were really good for me ^^ First I got letter from my Taiwanese friend :3
It's really nice I like it so much because He made postcard
by himself ! really so cute and I enjoy them all the time. XD
I like it so much. :3 Ahh and wrote poem for me but in Chinese haha
What pity I can't understand but looks really nice on postcard. :)
and Panda postcard <3 really too cute ! :) Today I bought
postcard for him ^^ really nice I think He will like it ! I love snail mail <3

Than I went for meeting with Strawberry Neko (Miyako) friend
which I met here on blogspot ! :D It was really interesting ! 
 We were to Starbucks but there was too many people >.<
We give up and gone to Coffee Heaven as always I bought
Panda Coffee (Chai series) :3

It looks really nice and taste ! I love it. <3
We couldn;t stop talking nice get person which 
have similar experience and many common things. XD
After almost 3 hours in Coffee Heaven. We went to her home for my mochi !
because she forgot take it >.<" anyway I got it !
One is Milk Mochi second is Taro flavour. :D
 And after trying that I have quite a different opinion  
than Miyako because it is delicious! I love it <3
but about that I will write in next note. ;)

Saturday were day spend on fb and chatting with friends. ^^
boring Saturday but it was time to rest. :D

In Sunday really early because at 9.30am I had photo session !
It was my first professional one ! and you know what ? I like it so much !
I woke up around 7.40am run to wardrobe and look what to wear
than make up and fast run for bus and than for train to Gdańsk Oliwa. ;)
I met with really nice girl which was my photographer. ^^
It was Karolina (fioletowe-serce) :D pics I will show you when I get them so be patient. ^^
Second person which I met by blogspot ! :) I see that here I can meet
really interesting and nice people ! I like it ^^ Of course We went to Oliwa Park !
First photo is from that Park. I really like this place good for pics. ^^
I got idea about second session it will be in japanese style. :D but it's just a plan. :D

After back to home I heard from my mommy good news for me !
My brother, told that He and his friend can help me in searching job in England.
But everything happen after new year ! moreover I will move to London !
I can't wait ! really it's so big chance for me and I feel happy that
I can go there. :D You know I never have been aboard. =.="
Anyway I get english skills what make me much happy also. :)
Than I started cook with mom our "Chinese" dish. :D
Chicken breast in soy sauce with chinese vegetables mix + bamboo and rice
someone told I'm panda because eat bamboo haha
I like this term because I love pandas as you know. :3
Last time with mom, We bought new spices which I added to this
and it was really delicious I love that kind of meals. :)

Ahh actually I sit and listen Youtube Hit list :D
and New song by One Direction is soo nice ~!
One Direction - Live While We're Young 
P!nk - Try
 David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia

These 3 new songs are really good and I need add them to my
phone list ;) Haha OK, time to sleep :D