22 October 2012

Busy weekend

Park Oliwski in Gdańsk >>CLICK<<
Cześć! ^^ This weekend were pretty nice for me. :)
I have many good info and things to show you.
Friday were really good for me ^^ First I got letter from my Taiwanese friend :3
It's really nice I like it so much because He made postcard
by himself ! really so cute and I enjoy them all the time. XD
I like it so much. :3 Ahh and wrote poem for me but in Chinese haha
What pity I can't understand but looks really nice on postcard. :)
and Panda postcard <3 really too cute ! :) Today I bought
postcard for him ^^ really nice I think He will like it ! I love snail mail <3

Than I went for meeting with Strawberry Neko (Miyako) friend
which I met here on blogspot ! :D It was really interesting ! 
 We were to Starbucks but there was too many people >.<
We give up and gone to Coffee Heaven as always I bought
Panda Coffee (Chai series) :3

It looks really nice and taste ! I love it. <3
We couldn;t stop talking nice get person which 
have similar experience and many common things. XD
After almost 3 hours in Coffee Heaven. We went to her home for my mochi !
because she forgot take it >.<" anyway I got it !
One is Milk Mochi second is Taro flavour. :D
 And after trying that I have quite a different opinion  
than Miyako because it is delicious! I love it <3
but about that I will write in next note. ;)

Saturday were day spend on fb and chatting with friends. ^^
boring Saturday but it was time to rest. :D

In Sunday really early because at 9.30am I had photo session !
It was my first professional one ! and you know what ? I like it so much !
I woke up around 7.40am run to wardrobe and look what to wear
than make up and fast run for bus and than for train to Gdańsk Oliwa. ;)
I met with really nice girl which was my photographer. ^^
It was Karolina (fioletowe-serce) :D pics I will show you when I get them so be patient. ^^
Second person which I met by blogspot ! :) I see that here I can meet
really interesting and nice people ! I like it ^^ Of course We went to Oliwa Park !
First photo is from that Park. I really like this place good for pics. ^^
I got idea about second session it will be in japanese style. :D but it's just a plan. :D

After back to home I heard from my mommy good news for me !
My brother, told that He and his friend can help me in searching job in England.
But everything happen after new year ! moreover I will move to London !
I can't wait ! really it's so big chance for me and I feel happy that
I can go there. :D You know I never have been aboard. =.="
Anyway I get english skills what make me much happy also. :)
Than I started cook with mom our "Chinese" dish. :D
Chicken breast in soy sauce with chinese vegetables mix + bamboo and rice
someone told I'm panda because eat bamboo haha
I like this term because I love pandas as you know. :3
Last time with mom, We bought new spices which I added to this
and it was really delicious I love that kind of meals. :)

Ahh actually I sit and listen Youtube Hit list :D
and New song by One Direction is soo nice ~!
One Direction - Live While We're Young 
P!nk - Try
 David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia

These 3 new songs are really good and I need add them to my
phone list ;) Haha OK, time to sleep :D



  1. mochi o smaku taro?! omnomnom zjadłabym :3

  2. A skąd to mochi? :) Zakupione przez internet?

  3. panda :DD zapraszam do mnie:)

  4. Uwielbiam Park Oliwski♥
    Kojarzy mi się z Krainą Czarów ^^


  5. Ta kawa z coffee heaven wygląda genialnie. :)

  6. ta kawa niesamowita :)

    - A.

  7. Rejestrujesz się i losujesz adresy (send a postcard) Dajesz to request address i pojawia Ci się adres. Co zrobić z adresem to wiadomo. ^^ Pojawia Ci się też adres ID pocztówki, np. PL-68410 i musisz go umieścić na pocztówce, bo przez ten adres ktoś zarejestruje Twoją pocztówkę do systemu, jak ją otrzyma. Żeby zobaczyć ile dni idzie już pocztówka/czy doszła wchodzisz w "sent postcards". Tam wszystko Ci pisze. Kiedy do kogoś dojdzie pocztówka, to jakaś osoba losuje Twój adres. Kiedy już dojdzie musisz ją wpisać do systemu po adresie ID, który zawsze jest podany na otrzymanej pocztówce. :)

  8. o ja!To super!Mam nadzieje ze ci sie bedzie tam podobac..choc to jeszcze duzo czasu^^
    zdjecia wysle ci na dniach,bo na razie nie mam na nic czasu:<-a jest ich sporo:)
    Ale dodalam notke,wiec te co sa mozesz sobie zobaczyc;)

  9. Cześć :)

    Zapraszam Ciebie do wzięcia udziału w konkursie:


    do wygrania TORBA!



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