09 October 2012

Lotos (荷花)

Hi~ Last days look like that rain and so strong wind !
It was really crazy but I like go sleep and listen how 
raindrops knock on the windowsill. ^^
Last time I really do nothing special. Sometimes I feel like
I'm getting some autumn depression. I'm really sad from some stupid
reasons or just thinking too much but I know I shouldn't care too much about it
and live my life ^^ Therefore I do it. Actually I thinking about move
to United Kingdom. It would be breakthrough in my life !
Such I getting new life ! I think where I could move I have two choioces
London (live with cousin) or Nottingham area (with brother).
London is so cool but I heard so hard find there job
for people which don't know english so good and dont understand
british accent XDD but We will see ;))

Today I got postcard for which I reaally so long waited.
And title of this note is from this postcard. ^^
 It's from my Taiwanese friend. ;) Gosh She is so cute
and help me in many things. ^^ Thank you Yuwen !
I hope We see each other when I will travel Taiwan. ;)

Yesterday I wanted eat something sweet so I took
Japanese sweets and choose XDD
Panda Cookies !
On this pack is something interesting I mean some comics. :D
Pity that I don't know Japanese >.< and don't know about what it's. XD
 Inside I found 7 pandas cookies with some funny faces.
So aborable righ ? I liked one with heart's haha.
Cookie got two layers of chocolate white and dark
but its really yummy! It's melts in your mouth!
and shortcake (a bit like biscuits) I love it !
My younger brother told that it's so yummy haha
and why We don't have it in Poland. :DD 
Also told that it got really nice package
I agree with this. Package mostly are so colorful
and so cute ! I love it !

 OK that's all tommorow I go for some Polish sweets
which I have to send my niisan in compensation for the goodies of Japan.;)
 In Thursday I will send all postcard which I couldn't send from Monday.
anyway I'm so happy ! ^^ Now some songs ;)
Maximum The Hormone - Koi No Mega Lover
I always liked this song ! So energetic a little 
pop and so hard rock [?] ;) and got really funny video ^^
Scandal - Shoujo S [Live]
If someone whatched anime "Bleach" know this song
I actually thing that girls from Scandal are really cute ^^
and somehow I like this song ;)

See ya~

Quote for today
"Be able to live is encountered
the most rarely thing in the world. 
Most people just exist.
- Oscar Wilde


  1. fajny blog :)
    zapraszam do siebie. na jednym z moich blogów pojawił się już prolog. Serdecznie zapraszam i przepraszam za spam ^^

  2. Fakt cały czas pada... Nawet nie warto
    włosów prostować, bo zaraz się pudel na
    głowie robi (_^_)"
    i 'okolice Nottingham' mnie rozwaliły XDDD

    PS. Trzymam dla Ciebie te Mochi xd
    Tylko niestety nie mogę się spotykać w łikend,
    bo mam szkołe (=_=)"

    1. Rozwaliło mnie, bo napisałaś dokładnie
      " I think where I could move I have two choioces
      London (live with cousin) or okolice Nottingham (with brother)." XD okolice po ang to 'area' albo
      'surroundings' xD Spoko, też tak czasami
      mam, że myślę jak coś napisać po ang a ostatecznie napiszę
      po pol. i potem muszę poprawiać haha xd
      Mówisz, że zawsze masz czas huuuuh.
      Może w nast.tyg ? Jeszcze dam ci znać kiedy
      konkretnie ♥


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