27 October 2012


Hello~ Long time ago I wrote HERE that I start watching
drama called Alice in Wonder City/Give Alice a Miracle ( 給愛麗絲的奇蹟).
I already finished this drama and I really with clear heart
can recommend it to you ! I felt in love in this drama !
The end of this drama is amazing. It's not normal drama
about daily things. This got something special and so
many classic music. After watching this I started to think
about play on violin. XD Crazy but true haha.
I don't regret that I watched it at all. Ahh and this beautiful
song from Aaron Yan !
Aaron Yan - Yuan Lai 原来

A few gifs from my favourite moments in that drama ^^

 and now hugs and kisses XD

 By the way as maybe some poeple noticed I love Aaron (Ya Lun). :D
It's my favourite singer and actor from all ! :D Therefore almost all gifs with him haha.
He is really great actor and really talented singer ^^ I hope that someday
I can go for his LIVE :) It's one of my dreams ^^ Anyway I searched soundtracks from
this drama I found that He got new album about which I will write next time ;)
Maybe someone will notice that he have really good voice etc.
except me and a few people in Poland :D



  1. Oh ja akurat teraz mangi i anime
    nadrabiam haha~ Tak dawno już
    nie oglądałam, że znowu czuję
    iż się wciągam -.-"
    No i ja lubię najbardziej dramy
    o 'daily things' ^^"

  2. Zapowiada się ciekawa i może oglądne :D
    Świetna muzyka ! :>


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