15 October 2012

Free time

Witam :) Many people know that I have free time all the time LOL.
I really do nothing special everyday. Chat, listen music,watching tv,
cleanning room etc. But I have enough therefore for next week. 
I planned something. ^^ I will go for some photo session
with my old schoolmate. :) I just want some new photos.
I will meet also with one of my blogger friends ! :D Neko !
I can't wait We just have to make an appointment 
for a specific day of the week. So I got great plans and hope
they will come true. :D Actually I searching some job in England.
I talked with my cousin from London and He told I should ask
brother about help because in my brothers city are more cheap
apartments etc. I really hope I can talk with my bro such as with my cousin >.<
But He is so stubborn anyway I have time because I want move there
after New Year's Eve so ^^ We will see :)

 I have something so cute to show you.
I saw it when I woke up. XD
Bonbon sleeping~~ Gosh she is so cute ! I was
taking pictures in total concentration and silence.
I love her so much even She is little cute EVIL. XD 

Yesterday I baked with mom apple cake. ^^
 when I spawn the apples on top I couldn't get wound haha.
 before going to oven.
 those dark spots on apples it's cinnamon ;)
Before eating :) It's really nice and yummy got for
evening with cappuccino and book :)

 Today by boredom I thought ahh I should go outside finally.
So I gone to forest with my dog. XD He was of course so happy. ^^

 When I played with him. haha so cute Atos XD
It's when I told him "take him" hahaha. looking for someone to bite lol.
OK maybe not bite but bark XDD

OK that's all. I leave you with so beautiful song.
Birdy - People Help The People

I have some information yesterday my blog
got more than 1000 pageviews ^^ It's really nice
that people everyday read my blog. :)
Thank you all for following and comment !
You are amazing people ^^ If not you I wouldn't write here.
Thank You so much !



  1. A co?Jednak jesienne zdjęcia Ci pasują?
    Napiszę..w niedzielę na pewno będę.Ale mam już chyba zaplanowane jedne zdjęcia..a może wyrobiłabym się z dwoma sesjami?
    Nie wiem..napisz mi czy by Ci pasowało.to się zgadamy

  2. Słońce, teraz czekam na soczewki aż
    przyjdą (bo przecież nie wyjdę z domu bez haha)
    to dam ci znać i się zmówimy na nast dzień.

    kocham jabłecznik .............♥

  3. To co ubrać-to już należy do Ciebie..ale będziesz miała problem z dojechaniem do Gdańska?
    Czy zdjęcia w gdyni?
    I jakbyś mogła to w piątek napisz mi sms-a ok?
    Bo w wekend będę miała dużo rzeczy do robienia i mam sesję w plenerze więc nie wiem czy będę na komputerze;)


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