01 October 2012

Hello October

Hi~! October came ! Hahaha~
How are you ? I'm fine ! ^^  Last time I were really busy.
But I told my self to change design when October come for much
Autumn design ;) Therefore I did it ^^

What do you think about it ?

Today I gone to post office to send postcards 
for my foreign friends. ^^ 3 gone to Taiwan :D

 Those(UP) 3 I have to send 2 to China and 1 to Japan yet. :P
But those I will send in Thursday probably because I need print those address
Haha pitiful I can't write in Chinese :P ahh..

 Excapt this everything goes OK. Anyway Halloween coming !
My bro will get candies for me LOL.
I really like this holiday [?] !
I really like climate which is in this day ^^
I liked go in some costumes to people and it was just fun.

Today when I back to home from central ^^
I saw so nice sky ! look at this !
Sorry, photo made in bus to home (of course)
and by phone therefore can be not clear. ><

I start search job in England I wanna move there.
I want train my english and save some money for my dreams come true !
I mean trip to TAIWAN :3 Yeah ! and I do my best for this !
So wish me good luck in finding job ~!!

Now some music for you~
 I really love this songs ! somehow last time
I started remind old times with j-rock ^^
Soon I make some special note about this for you :)

See Ya!

Quote for today
"There are times in which human 
would hug even the hedgehog."
-Joseph Bułatowicz


  1. Kurcze, też tak myślę nad znalezieniem
    sobie friendsów z Azji... To byłoby
    ciekawe doświadczenie...
    Nowy layout bloga bardzo mi się podoba,
    czysty, przejrzysty ~~ Love it~!
    No i powodzonka♥ Dasz sobie radę, bądź
    co bądź Anglia wcale nie jest tak daleko ^_^

  2. Hey :) Your blog layout is really pretty! Gets me in a nice and cosy automn mood ♥


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