28 April 2012

spring !

Hello :3
Today the same as yesterday I went for a walk
with my dog to forest maybe not big forest but is ok. ^^
This forest reminds me about my childhood when I was really
little girl my brothers took me there in winter on the sled. :D
Really nice place. I took some photos of this and my dog. ^^

Here were some nice white flowers :D sorry but I dont know
what kind of flowers and their names .__.
Atos (Ati) wanted eat some glass :D
Atos heard something :D
I called for him because He gone too far from me :3
some hill to to overcome XD be sure it was more high
I was then in more than half of the way. :)
and on the hill haha.. As u can see almost 
everywhere are these flowers :3
Exit from the forest I really like this way. ^^

this pic I made near my home on right way is my home :3
on left side of the street is this forest what u can't see haha.

Today was the same route in forest maybe tommorow I will try change this :D
and will go on other parts of forest. ^^
I love walks in sunny and watm days like this :3

last time i have some strange days with strange moods.
I have to go somewhere so I go to forest it make me relax.
and make me feel better ^^ Really good is get some healthy air, 
both for physical and mental health.

"Forest is sometimes place more friendly
for the lonely human than a great city. 
In contact with nature, we aren't barred the unbearable 
wall of silence by humans which surround us."

26 April 2012


Hello ^^
today I got some bad day
weather all time rainy and this stupid tummy ache.
Almost whole day in bed.. =.= horrible.
I really dont want use more pills then one for day
but today is special day and i used 3 =.=" really
long time i didnt had tummy ache like this echh.

My mom was on some shopping and bought
for me ice-creams XDDD hahaha I like it.
 fast after this when my painkillers start working. I started eat
first something warm and than dessert 
haha soo yummy :3

My mom wanna go in June to my aunt to Warsaw (Warszawa).
really cool because I wasn't be there so long only by ocassions
for a moment (i mean concerts). So I will be happy
if me and my mom will go there. :) maybe I can meet with Donut :3
Ok tommorow I planing go to some employing offices
and need go to school for moment.

Bye bye :3

"Let love be like a huge ocean, 
which connects the two shores of your souls... "
- Luanne Rice
In seventh heaven

24 April 2012


Hello :D
Today is next day of my boredom. :P
I did nothing just nails , masks and cleaned my room.
It's my dinner Leczo with rice :)

Today also I got one new things from Oriflame.
Swedish Spa Purifying Face Mask with HydraCare+
and Eyeliner Stylo :P
mask is really good :) 
but eyeliner not so.. =.="

Today is International Day Against Vivisection.
on this websides u can check ur brand test or not testing on animals
(green means not testing , orange or red mean testing)
(left side is not testing , right side is testing)

Bye Bye :33

"Love is beautiful when it has a butterfly charms."
- Bolesław Prus

22 April 2012

cooking/baking day

Welcome back :D

Hahaha Today I got some lazy day as always in vacations.
I still didn't find job. -.-" It make me feel really bad.
from the boredom I started cook and bake. :p

I did some sausages in batter.
french batter , sausages , cheese and ketchup-mustard sauce.

I did also cakes ^^ mint and chocolate with walnuts.
really yummy. :D
 It's everything what I did today haha. 

Ok now I will do some cleaning in the music on my phone.
 I really don't like all time listen the same. :P
I found some new music and downloaded.

Ok so bye bye :33

20 April 2012

some new avon products

Guten Abend XD

Today I took stray cat to home but She was not nice to my cat
so I called to OTOZ Animals Shelter "Ciapkowo" in Gdynia.
Girl from this shelter came so fast took this poor kitty,
but now I'm sure that she is in good hands, and get veterinary care.
I'm sure that she get good new owener. ^^

Today my mom gave me again some products of avon.
left : Planer Spa , Greek Seas, Peel-off mask with Algae Extracts.
I did this mask and its not good as i thought -.-" anyway there is alcohol
so I will give it mom or make this mask rarely.
Cherry blossom set : shower gel , body spray , hand & body lotion
i got also Daily Hair Refresher but it was not in this set. :D
and last thing is quick dry nail spray. ^^

soon I will get some oriflame things and than 
I wanna buy Ewa Farna's Rock Angel perfume!
I got sample of this perfume and is really great :D
also I looking for orange blush and fake(false) eyelashes. ^^

Today from bored I started make some pics of myself.
and with my kitty ^^ haha Kociambra. XD

Last Days I found also some Taiwanese dramas like this :
Tiamo Chocolate ^^

and Absolute Boyfriend

Ok, ok this is the end. xd I go bye bye ^^

"If people would talked only about what they understand, 
the world was made a great silence."
- Albert Einstein

19 April 2012

stray kitty

Long time didn't write nothing I know.
but I had really hard and not good days.

I all time looking for a job for summer I need save money
to fulfilled finally my dreams. Yesterday I got english speaking exam
my english teacher was suprised that I speak really good haha.
but I did my best and at the end i god C(4 in polish).

After school I gone back to home but before go
to home XD I went to kitty. She is stray cat
when i see something like that I want take cat/dog
to my home haha.. She is really nice anyway got some
cut off fur in some places what means that she had some operations.
She is really nice always call to me "meow" when see me and come to me 
or my mom. :D I really can't look on this I want take She to home
with my mom. Of course I'm not sure how my cat Kociambra will act 
when She come to our house. We want take her for on trial 
if Kociambra will accept she. We will go to veterinarian to check  
what wrong of her paws because she a little limp 
and to examine her general. ^^ Ppl from others houses give She food
play with she and stroke but nobody dont want call somewhere
or take her to their home.. now me and my mom feel pity beacuse that cat
anyway look at her pics she is really cute 
and very trustful to the people it seems that someone 
throw up She but me and mom will check it. 
Poor kitty T.T...

Hah yeah I really love animals as my mom I would have big home
where I could have many cats,dogs and etc. Maybe it's something
what I'm made I mean to help animals. Therefore I think to study something
with it once maybe zoology ? but we will see with time..

"Remember that everything what you make in life 
will leave a trace. So be aware of what you are doing.." 
Paulo Coelho
"Be like the river flowing"

09 April 2012

Cooking :D

 Hi :D
Today I got some lazy day. I did completly nothing except talking
with my darling and watched some videos on youtube by Azjatycki Cukier.
I really like she, her informations can be really useful and
somehow She inspired me, terms of style, makeup, etc.

anyway I tried make some wavy hairs like here.
 <video from post by http://kawaii-maniac.blogspot.com/>
but I couldn't ! ;( I tried even by curling iron but can't -.-"
  maybe tommorow I will try it. :D my hairs have some moods sometimes. lol

Goodbye :)

"Because happiness is sometimes such as with glasses,  
looking for them, and they sit on the nose."
— Phil Bosmans

06 April 2012

shopping again

Hello again ^^

I wanted show u my new bag and some last
cosmetic and etc. I cut my fringe it was too long.
don't like emo fringe XD
I wanted make new title but I got no idea for it.
I will try make some later when I got lazy time in home
for example tommorow haha. XD

Today I was in Szperk Gallery
I bought in Deichmann new bag ^^
really good and fit to my brown shoes. ^^ 
I love it from first look haha.

cometic things and others..
randomly bought at different locations XDD
red jelly watch ! finally haha..
some bracelets with beads and pearls
 Hair elastic with flowersin the shape flower XD
small perfume Cherrie - ORIFLAME
 some spring eyeshadows blue palette , pink and green. ^^

next (from left side)
pure nature gel mask (with extract white tea) - ORIFLAME
 capsules of horsetail for hairs XD,
Tender Care Cherry - ORIFLAME
peach mask - AVON naturals
gel to clean face - BEBEAUTY ^^
hair mask Advance Techniques - AVON
daily hair refresher in spray (cherry blossom) - AVON
I got also sample of masks Oriflame 
but I forgot about it somehow when i took pic's XD
but it maybe next time because I ordered it ;)

anyway I made for U some playlist.
I need add more songs but maybe later :) 
I hope that u will like these songs ;)) 

"Perhaps for the world you're only human,
but for some people you are around the world."
— Gabriel García Márquez

05 April 2012

Smile :)

Hello :D
I wanted just say that everything is ok.
I got some problem with tooth but getting better.

I got some new cometics/masks but will show u later :)
Tommorow I wanna go to Szperk and buy new bag ! XD
I changed my layout this is more good ^^ tommorow try make
this web better i mean by graphically.. Now I'm sleepy and soon go sleep.

all time I try improve my marks. I wanna have 4 from german and english
therefore i do my best on these lessons somehow I started like German.
Why I didnt choose this language for finall exams =.="

in Monday I will meet with OLA !!!! finally !!
gosh I missed she so much XD I didnt see her from December ?

My uncle (godfather) came here from German
and visited us. Now they talking and drink as always. :P
and by accident I got the money from my uncle lol
*dorota like it*

and last time I got some music from my dear which I start like =D
sure these songs are typical songs what I like XD
dancee songs and my darling know it therefore sent me it.


what do u think about them ? ^^

"Love is the foundation of the world."
- Alfred de Musset