22 April 2012

cooking/baking day

Welcome back :D

Hahaha Today I got some lazy day as always in vacations.
I still didn't find job. -.-" It make me feel really bad.
from the boredom I started cook and bake. :p

I did some sausages in batter.
french batter , sausages , cheese and ketchup-mustard sauce.

I did also cakes ^^ mint and chocolate with walnuts.
really yummy. :D
 It's everything what I did today haha. 

Ok now I will do some cleaning in the music on my phone.
 I really don't like all time listen the same. :P
I found some new music and downloaded.

Ok so bye bye :33


  1. Tylko,że ja mam wrażenie, że nikt mojego bloga zbytnio nie czyta ;s

    1. Ja czytam :D
      Mojego bloga też nie wiele osób czyta. :P
      Głównie Declan XDD

  2. smacznego ^_- ciastkowe kulki wygladaja apetycznie :D


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