09 April 2012

Cooking :D

 Hi :D
Today I got some lazy day. I did completly nothing except talking
with my darling and watched some videos on youtube by Azjatycki Cukier.
I really like she, her informations can be really useful and
somehow She inspired me, terms of style, makeup, etc.

anyway I tried make some wavy hairs like here.
 <video from post by http://kawaii-maniac.blogspot.com/>
but I couldn't ! ;( I tried even by curling iron but can't -.-"
  maybe tommorow I will try it. :D my hairs have some moods sometimes. lol

Goodbye :)

"Because happiness is sometimes such as with glasses,  
looking for them, and they sit on the nose."
— Phil Bosmans


  1. właśnie oglądałam sobie ostatnie filmiki azjatyckiego cukru hehe
    ah głodna jestem przez ciebie xp tylko wywaliłabym tę paprykę xD'

    1. Hahaha no widzisz ;) Jej lookbook'iem wiosna/lato 2012 wydał mi się interesujący. :D Można i też bez papryki. :D


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