06 April 2012

shopping again

Hello again ^^

I wanted show u my new bag and some last
cosmetic and etc. I cut my fringe it was too long.
don't like emo fringe XD
I wanted make new title but I got no idea for it.
I will try make some later when I got lazy time in home
for example tommorow haha. XD

Today I was in Szperk Gallery
I bought in Deichmann new bag ^^
really good and fit to my brown shoes. ^^ 
I love it from first look haha.

cometic things and others..
randomly bought at different locations XDD
red jelly watch ! finally haha..
some bracelets with beads and pearls
 Hair elastic with flowersin the shape flower XD
small perfume Cherrie - ORIFLAME
 some spring eyeshadows blue palette , pink and green. ^^

next (from left side)
pure nature gel mask (with extract white tea) - ORIFLAME
 capsules of horsetail for hairs XD,
Tender Care Cherry - ORIFLAME
peach mask - AVON naturals
gel to clean face - BEBEAUTY ^^
hair mask Advance Techniques - AVON
daily hair refresher in spray (cherry blossom) - AVON
I got also sample of masks Oriflame 
but I forgot about it somehow when i took pic's XD
but it maybe next time because I ordered it ;)

anyway I made for U some playlist.
I need add more songs but maybe later :) 
I hope that u will like these songs ;)) 

"Perhaps for the world you're only human,
but for some people you are around the world."
— Gabriel García Márquez


  1. awwww śliczna ta torebka <3
    ja kupiłam sobie 2 zegarki jelly prawie rok temu i ani razu jeszcze ich nie nosiłam xD'

    1. Dziękuje bardzo :)
      Ja kupiłam sobie czerwony ale w chińskim sklepie ostatnio patrze i jest biały ! XD więc mama powiedziała że przy następnej okazji mi go kupi. XDD Ja nosiłam go już pare razy ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Dzięki wielkie ;) Ale twoja ładniejsza (w kwiatki) XD


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