05 April 2012

Smile :)

Hello :D
I wanted just say that everything is ok.
I got some problem with tooth but getting better.

I got some new cometics/masks but will show u later :)
Tommorow I wanna go to Szperk and buy new bag ! XD
I changed my layout this is more good ^^ tommorow try make
this web better i mean by graphically.. Now I'm sleepy and soon go sleep.

all time I try improve my marks. I wanna have 4 from german and english
therefore i do my best on these lessons somehow I started like German.
Why I didnt choose this language for finall exams =.="

in Monday I will meet with OLA !!!! finally !!
gosh I missed she so much XD I didnt see her from December ?

My uncle (godfather) came here from German
and visited us. Now they talking and drink as always. :P
and by accident I got the money from my uncle lol
*dorota like it*

and last time I got some music from my dear which I start like =D
sure these songs are typical songs what I like XD
dancee songs and my darling know it therefore sent me it.


what do u think about them ? ^^

"Love is the foundation of the world."
- Alfred de Musset

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