26 April 2012


Hello ^^
today I got some bad day
weather all time rainy and this stupid tummy ache.
Almost whole day in bed.. =.= horrible.
I really dont want use more pills then one for day
but today is special day and i used 3 =.=" really
long time i didnt had tummy ache like this echh.

My mom was on some shopping and bought
for me ice-creams XDDD hahaha I like it.
 fast after this when my painkillers start working. I started eat
first something warm and than dessert 
haha soo yummy :3

My mom wanna go in June to my aunt to Warsaw (Warszawa).
really cool because I wasn't be there so long only by ocassions
for a moment (i mean concerts). So I will be happy
if me and my mom will go there. :) maybe I can meet with Donut :3
Ok tommorow I planing go to some employing offices
and need go to school for moment.

Bye bye :3

"Let love be like a huge ocean, 
which connects the two shores of your souls... "
- Luanne Rice
In seventh heaven

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