31 May 2012

Kociambra & Atos

*wolfs smile*

Hello ! ^__^
A few days ago I went to central Gdynia 
for regulate the details of back my internet.
I went to some shop and bought those things.
white little hat with bow , black feather and net.
also little mirror (to bag) which looked cute 
and a little reminded me of a panda. :3
(inside is little comb)

I don 't know why but I couldn't sleep last two days.
Early morning I started make pic's of my cat and dog. XD
I show you it. First will be my cat Kociambra. =)
Kociambra looking for something.
Oh big eyes :D I like them, such like wild big cat.
My younger brother call it "camper" haha.
guess too much games.

and now my dog Atos(Ati)
Dark because it's pic by phone and really early morning.

Tommorow I will get new Golden eye shadow from oriflame
and white nail polish so I will painted nails by this
and show u everything. Now, it's everything for today!

I leave you with some song (polish song)
somehow I started like polish music also. :D
strange for me because really long time 
I didn't interest about this, ok so now 
Mrozu - Rollercoaster

Quote for today
"People probably don't change, 
just moments begin to live differently."

29 May 2012


Hello.. at the outset I wanted tell u
why I didn't write so long.. it's so simple
i didn't had internet =.=" two weeks so I got some
backlog in blogging. Days without internet were so boring. :P
I spend this time with books ^^
and I got idea about make my own library in home. :D
In short I will start buy books :D
First witch i bought is Stephen King's horror
"Pet sematary" i didn't read it but I try after read others books
which i borrowed from library XD

I borrowed two Murakami's books : 
-"Kafka on the shore"
-"Dance, Dance, Dance"
also borrowed one by Xiaolu Guo 
"a concise chinese-english dictonary for lovers" 
it's my first romantic comedy book !XD

After read those all books I will start read
some psychology books someone know some
good psychology book ? please tell me title.

What kind of books you like ? 
and who is ur fav author ? 
someone know these books (on pic)
if yes, what think about them ?

I start to think about change my hairs color.
maybe honey blonde ?? I will see.. I don't want
again damage my hairs. =.=

Ok this is all for now..
maybe i will write more in next note. 

Quote for today:
"If you ever felt in a dream that my eyes  
no longer look at you with love
know that I have stopped live."
- Stefan Żeromski

13 May 2012

Photoshot 2

Hello :D
Lazy day again~~ i did nothing just painted nail
my new nail polish Oriflame - Baby Pink
it's better than pearly beige
better coverage and generally is nice ^^

I prepared for us my some old pic's
some r from my deviantArt so they have
my nick name "Ookami" instead of my blog URL.
anyway lets watch :D

Ok it's enough hah maybe next time
 i will show u more :D if u really got interest by those pics.
 i have so many pics like those so i can make more
"photoshot notes" but maybe it when I really will have no idea
what write it hahahah.. ok ok now time for some music ;)
two days ago my darling send me new song by rihanna
i really like it ^^ lyrics r so nice
Rihanna - Where have you been
really intersting video and generally ok ^^
thank u honey hah <3

now some chinese music ^__^
Jane Zhang - I Love This City
Denny - Rock You

Quote for today :
"Never underestimate what you can accomplish,
 when you believe in yourself. 
Never give up."
[and this is my motto ^^]

12 May 2012

Rock angel

Hello ^^
 Long time didn't see u.
Sorry for my absence but somehow 
I didn't have any creative inspiration and 
got some bad days with people but now is ok. :)
But today I got new cosmetics from oriflame,
so i wanted show u it. ^^
- Green eyeshadows (Green Fusion) Very me ^_^ 
(I hope this eyeshadows will be harder to hold off 
on my eyelid from those who bought a while ago)
-  Blusher (cherry my cheeks lol) also Very Me :P
- Pure Colour Nail Polish (Baby Pink)
- Eau de toilette Rock Angel by Ewa Farna ^^ Really like it !
This "perfume" also had phone charm heart as u can see here.
- I got gratis some ginger & lime soap ^^
really nice :3

This is everything for today. Last days 
I did completly nothing but see from monday 
I start study chemistry and i hope i finish read book
because I have this book loooong time 
almost 6 months and can't finish lol. 

 I noticed that many ppl start watching and comment my blog :D 
and that you really liked my pics also  
my blog has been viewed more than 1000 times!
I'm really happy from this. I think about show you more photos.
maybe photoshot 2? I will see tommorow. ^^

Really thank u guys for watching and comment. :3
Anyway I'm really happy that some girls liked
my music on blog and asked about this ^^
 really happy to share with you the Asian music haha :D
therefore I think write note about this music. I really got
some power to writing now. :) Really thank u all !

so now maybe some song hope u will like it ;)
 some slowly songs


 and much dance songs :D

 Hahaha I really should make special note for this.

Oh almost i forgot some blog-friend made "distribution"
u can win this.. :D so I refer you here for more :

P.S If u got some questions and want know more about me
I refer you to my formspring.me
I'm really curious about yours questions ^^
Thank you.

Ok.. See ya next time :)
Bye bye ~~

Quote for today:
"Friendship get to know the fact that nothing can fail
and the true love that nothing can destroy it. "
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


06 May 2012


Hello :)
Today I got not good day.. but now I feel hhmm.. calmer
than a few hours ago. I love you so much !

Today I prepared for you some photo shots
which I did last summer. maybe somebody know 
but one of my hobbies is photography. I hope u will like them.
Anyway please dont copy them. I made it by myself
and i don't wanna someone copy my work.
Maybe they are not so oryginal and etc. mostly it's pics
of sky because i like do this kind of pics. anyway look in them.

Pic made on beatch in Gdynia (Babie Doły)
There you can see old bulding from II World War.
really interesing place but I always was afraid be there somehow
even with friends. Really empty beach. On this beach are also
some bunkers etc. I so afraid this beach also because I got
many nightmare that were happening on the beach. Once with friends
we went at long this beach. We saw many old magazines
rusted remains of the ship etc.
I was really scared haha. I don't wanna go there again.
That time we also went to some forest where was old military area.
Maybe intresting places and good travel but when I think about it.
I'm so scared.  When We back to homes my friends dad told that

this military area haunted, etc.  
really was such a strange atmosphere
I can not imagine going there at night.

Cloudy days ^^
I really like when sky looks like this. ^^
Swans ! Haha I don't have good memories with them. XD
Summer sunset.^^
Sunset again. :)
It's everything :) what I can show u for now.
If u will like them I can show u more my photos.
Heh I remeber how in primary school I dreamed about
got camera and make pics for example to national geographic.
Now I see this dreams are not real because on the world is
so many good photographer and sure I'm not good like they.

I don't know why but today so cold in my home
or i caugh cold. Now I'm listening music.
Ok ok this is everything. Bye Bye~ 
See ya next time. Take care ^^

Quote for today:
"Everyone has the world as it see his eyes."
José Saramago


Good morning :D
 In last note I wrote that I want change so I started change ^^
I think now will be everything good I really hope so.
Today I changed a little my blog ^^
polka design and probably better fonts to read.
Today I did nothing special as always
I just was in supermarket with mom.

From boredom I started make photos I can show you some
 I think those pic's looks good :D above all they are clear. haha.
Maybe some song with so cute kittens ! 
which reminds me my darling haha.
I really liked this song. ^^

I can show what i drunk today hahaha XD
some beer : Redd's (New One) Cranberry ! :D
teast like orangeade haha.. but I like it. 
and also Red frugo (granat,strawberry, red currant and cherry) :P

Quote for today:
"-[...] smile [...] is for happy people.
-And here you are wrong. Because that smile gives happiness. [...] 
Try to smile, you'll see."
- Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

03 May 2012



Today is Polish Day of the Constitution 3rd May 1791
in short: Constitution was adopted as a "Government Act" 
on that date by the Sejm (parliament) 
of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Historian 
Norman Davies calls it "the first constitution of its type in Europe"
other scholars also refer to it as the world's second oldest constitution.
 Still I can't understand why Lithuanans hate Polish. 
Maybe I got some gaps in history. XD anyway second lazy day for me.

Anyway how Dorota spend last days.
sleeeeeeeepp all days in bed :3
Tommorow wanna go sell my books to high school with mom.

What more can I say. I have to change. Life teaches us all, 
I need from this draw some conclusions.
I want to change so much.. Finally, to do something. 
Get out to people and begin to live, to enjoy life. 
If someone some things can't understand it then shut up.  
Better don't say nothing it if you don't understand.
 To be honest, no one is perfect but everyone deserve to be happy.  
I laugh at people telling how naive I am, etc.  
After a few months when I broke contact with the person  
this person wrote me and added me  
in the hope that what? that we will be friends?
fuckin funny think :P I will say one
I will not allow anyone to destroy it for what I really love.  
The end of such "friendships" type "friend" have everything in the ass  
and when he/she wants something that time they remeber about me.
This is only my life, so others better don't peek.
Learn to listen and talk and then talk.

A long note maybe no one will understand what this means exactly
maybe no one will read but to be honest
I had to somehow throw away it from myself.
That's it.

Bye bye.

01 May 2012


Hello. :D
Today I have completely nothing to say to u. :P
I can say that soon I will finish read one book..
haha maybe I'm so lazy but when I start read (good book)
I can read it by hours. XD

Today from boring i started watching some blogs
saw link to one shop with shoes ^o^ so I began browse it.
and what I found ? so cool high-heels haha in flowers ! :D
really cool !! but i afraid this 16 cm heel (including 5 cm platform) XD
I will die. haha but it dont change fact that they are pretty
and I wanna get them ! :3

and surprisingly it is my size and will fit like a glove haha XD
 soo pretty !!!

also yesterday I looking for some airplanes to Taiwan (to my darling <3)
just from curiosity. Maybe fly tickets are cheap but where
accommodation, food and entertainment? I don't know
but sure I will start save money when I finally ger job.

"Love is a charming effect. 
It comes like a spring, 
blooms and do not want to leave."