03 May 2012



Today is Polish Day of the Constitution 3rd May 1791
in short: Constitution was adopted as a "Government Act" 
on that date by the Sejm (parliament) 
of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Historian 
Norman Davies calls it "the first constitution of its type in Europe"
other scholars also refer to it as the world's second oldest constitution.
 Still I can't understand why Lithuanans hate Polish. 
Maybe I got some gaps in history. XD anyway second lazy day for me.

Anyway how Dorota spend last days.
sleeeeeeeepp all days in bed :3
Tommorow wanna go sell my books to high school with mom.

What more can I say. I have to change. Life teaches us all, 
I need from this draw some conclusions.
I want to change so much.. Finally, to do something. 
Get out to people and begin to live, to enjoy life. 
If someone some things can't understand it then shut up.  
Better don't say nothing it if you don't understand.
 To be honest, no one is perfect but everyone deserve to be happy.  
I laugh at people telling how naive I am, etc.  
After a few months when I broke contact with the person  
this person wrote me and added me  
in the hope that what? that we will be friends?
fuckin funny think :P I will say one
I will not allow anyone to destroy it for what I really love.  
The end of such "friendships" type "friend" have everything in the ass  
and when he/she wants something that time they remeber about me.
This is only my life, so others better don't peek.
Learn to listen and talk and then talk.

A long note maybe no one will understand what this means exactly
maybe no one will read but to be honest
I had to somehow throw away it from myself.
That's it.

Bye bye.


  1. nadrabiam komentarze :d sorki ze tak pozno ale xD
    dlatego wczoraj bylam z przyjaciolkami wydalam 150 zl xD na nic w sumie i wlasnie wropcilam z drugich zakupow z tatusiem xD <3 i wydalam prawie 300 xd

    1. Haha no to nie źle, ja czekam na jaki kolwiek zastrzyk pieniędzy narazie. :D Z resztą mam nadzieje że poprawiło ci to humorek. ;)


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