31 May 2012

Kociambra & Atos

*wolfs smile*

Hello ! ^__^
A few days ago I went to central Gdynia 
for regulate the details of back my internet.
I went to some shop and bought those things.
white little hat with bow , black feather and net.
also little mirror (to bag) which looked cute 
and a little reminded me of a panda. :3
(inside is little comb)

I don 't know why but I couldn't sleep last two days.
Early morning I started make pic's of my cat and dog. XD
I show you it. First will be my cat Kociambra. =)
Kociambra looking for something.
Oh big eyes :D I like them, such like wild big cat.
My younger brother call it "camper" haha.
guess too much games.

and now my dog Atos(Ati)
Dark because it's pic by phone and really early morning.

Tommorow I will get new Golden eye shadow from oriflame
and white nail polish so I will painted nails by this
and show u everything. Now, it's everything for today!

I leave you with some song (polish song)
somehow I started like polish music also. :D
strange for me because really long time 
I didn't interest about this, ok so now 
Mrozu - Rollercoaster

Quote for today
"People probably don't change, 
just moments begin to live differently."


  1. urocze pandowe lusterko hehe ;D

  2. słodka kicia :)))


    1. Dziękuje ;)
      I ja również pozdrawiam ^^

  3. pandziątkowe lusterko *_*
    śliczna czarna kicia <3

    1. Wszystko co pandziowe to piękne ! <3

  4. świetnego masz tego kota :D takie ładne paczadełka ma :)

  5. Hej:)
    Jest mi miło, iż zaglądasz do mnie:) Również będę obserwowała Twój blog, ale nie dlatego, że się odwdzięczam, ale fajnie tu masz, a ja lubię tematykę azjatyckich stylów:D


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