06 May 2012


Good morning :D
 In last note I wrote that I want change so I started change ^^
I think now will be everything good I really hope so.
Today I changed a little my blog ^^
polka design and probably better fonts to read.
Today I did nothing special as always
I just was in supermarket with mom.

From boredom I started make photos I can show you some
 I think those pic's looks good :D above all they are clear. haha.
Maybe some song with so cute kittens ! 
which reminds me my darling haha.
I really liked this song. ^^

I can show what i drunk today hahaha XD
some beer : Redd's (New One) Cranberry ! :D
teast like orangeade haha.. but I like it. 
and also Red frugo (granat,strawberry, red currant and cherry) :P

Quote for today:
"-[...] smile [...] is for happy people.
-And here you are wrong. Because that smile gives happiness. [...] 
Try to smile, you'll see."
- Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt


  1. śliczna bluzka ;3 oj tak humor mam niesamowity xD

    1. Dziękuje bardzo. :)
      To dobrze jak to się złożyło ci się humorek polepszył a mi pogorszył. ._.

  2. czemu sie pogorszyl ?

  3. mój kochany reksik! :)
    ładnie wyglądasz, zapraszam do siebie i zachęcam do obserwowania <3 BUZIAKI!


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