31 August 2012

Goodbye August, Hello September !

Hello! Today I wanted make just normal note without any topic.
I want just share with you some my plans, my ideas etc.
It's last day of August~ I think this summer vacations were nice
but really bored for me I hope that next vacations will be much better.
I got almost 6 000 views therefore I'm so happy. :D I know my blog
got really nothing special and really thank you if you read it. :)
This blog replace "my diary". It's the one place when I can write what
I want what I feel what I think can share my ideas , happiness , sadness
or just plans with others.I hope this blog will develop and with time 
 get much better and much. I know that many my visitors are Polish
and I should write in Polish but I hope this don't bother you and you can understand
my English. Sorry just I got also some foreign visitors.
This summer I learnt many things. Many things happened in my mind.
Really often I got mood swings , depression etc.
But from two days it somehow left me, I feel happy, I feel free !
Its something special for me because I didn't feel this so long.
hahah cute Zombie Pandas XD
 By heart, I can tell I got one best friend ! So long time I didn't call
anybody best friend but now I'm sure this person is my best friend.
OK maybe I can't meet with her everyday but I know that when I get
mind problem or got some depression She will help me!
Really thank you Matsu(Ola) that you are with me. It's really nice
have friend like you. ^^ I got also another reason to feel happy
it's one guy but now I won't tell you who is it. Just thank him
I feel happy I can't stop smile when I talk with him. ^^
Those two people really made my holidays so good.
True story, Bro~
I think I stop my depression and everything will be OK.
I passed exams so I passed high school now I will just study Chinese
and search some job. ^^ Next week I go with mom for shopping
I wanna buy some new cosmetics and another things ;)
In next Friday I will meet with Matsu (Ola) and Kenji (her Japanese friend)
I show him my city a little haha really nice. :D I'm so happy !
maybe after He go I will go with Matsu for shopping.
And I really can't wait till October come ! It will be great time for me.

I hope I didn't bored you by this logorrhea (so much words) hahah..
I watched last time concert anniversary The Beatles ! and I really
like their some songs now I show you one of  my favourite. ^^ 
The Beatles - All My Loving
and some nice cover :)
Titanium (David Guetta/Sia) - Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider Cover


Quote for today
"And in the end, the love we take
will be equal to the love we make."
- The Beatles

28 August 2012


Hello ! Today I really have no idea about what write,
but I think and think and got something. I didn't get any note about insprations !
So Today will be something about my clothes and etc.
Inspirations ;) let's check out~

That's all hahaha :D
what do u think about my inspirations ?
OK now will be song :3


Quote for today
"No literate has never came up anything 
so unprecedented, like a real human life."
- Andrzej Strug