26 August 2012

Taiwanese music

Good afternoon !
Everyone know that I love pop music ^^
expecially Taiwanese/Chinese pop music.
Long time ago one my blogger friend (allex096) wanted I send her
some taiwanese pop music. I couldn't do it and later
somehow I forget it. Therefore I think about write note
about some my favourite Taiwanese singers and bands. ^^
So Let's start..

My adventure with Taiwanese music started one band
called Fahrenheit (Fa Lun Hai).
There are 4 guys(from left) Wu Chun, Aaron Yan,
Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen.
 Fahenheit - 守護星 Guardian Star

Than I watched one drama and noticed  
Show Luo (Xiao Zhu - Little Pig)
Show Luo - Pa An Jing

Alien Huang (Xiao Gui)
Alien Huang - 痴漢

大嘴巴 Da Mouth

 大嘴巴 Da Mouth - 你怕誰

Vanness Wu
Vanness Wu吳建豪 feat. Ryan Tedder - Is This All

Mayday五月天 - 倉頡

Lee hom Wang
Lee hom Wang - 美

Rainie Yang
Rainie Yang - Ai Mei


JJ 林俊傑
JJ 林俊傑 We Together -華納

JPM - Never Give Up

G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
G.E.M. 鄧紫棋  - "我的秘密" MySecret

Wilber Pan
Wilber Pan - UUU

OK, That's all ^^ I hope you will like it. :D
I know and like more songs another singers and bands
but If I would show you all of them, this note would be 
much longer hahaha.. I don't want torture you XDD
That's all for now ;)) Some songs I can share in next notes ;)
OK, so I run read book now.


Quote for today
"Incline your ear, listening how play.  
Music in me - in the music I."
- Anna Maria Jopek


  1. Ciekawa jest ta muzyka ! Niektóre piosenki już są na mojej playliście. ^^

  2. zapraszam do zabawy, zostałaś otagowana na moim blogu ! ;)
    pozdrawiam, laajla. *:


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