13 August 2012


Kociambra looking outside in my room. ^^
Hi !
How are you ? I'm fine. OK not completly fine
but I try be fine.. I still have in mind many things
and not solved problems many really so many..
Those things make me so confuse and sad sometimes
because I really miss YOU!

Ok my weekend passed so peaceful and fast.
I visited my friend Ala I saw her gang of cats.
They are so cute !! One of them I really liked
is really so pretty I would take her but hmm..
I can't XD too many pets in my home anyway I think
that Bonbon would have problem with go outside. XD
 Because kitty would be attack her or something
who knows (?) hahaha. This is she sorry i forget her name
too many kittes to remeber their names for me haha..anyway
they got japanese names so complicated XD what make it more hard.

Ok I told that I show you my new nail polish
on nails so I made 3 photos in diffrent lights.
This nail polish is ok so easy to pain
and so fast dry but big problem is that it so fast crumbles.

Today I also cooked Tiramisu with Amaretto sauce.
maybe don't looks so cool but hmm i think that for first
time (making tiramisu) It's good and It was so delicious !

OK That's everything. ^^
I will go to Gdańsk tommorow meet with Cherry (Ola)
and go at St. Dominic's Fair. :) I hope make many pics
and show You this!! so see ya next time !!
Enjoy your time !!

P.S Now some song :D


Quote for today
"Sleeping sickness is a nice state. 
Good is get it,  when you can't  
decide: to live or die."
- Jonathan Carroll "White Apples"


  1. kolejny świetny lakier :):) ucz się ucz do tej poprawki :):)

  2. sliczny kolor lakieru

    lubisz gorsety ? u mnie do wygrania nowy STRADIVARIUSa


  3. Cześć!Wraz z firmą Renee zorganizowaliśmy konkurs w którym jest do wygrania dowolna para butów Renee!:)Więcej na temat konkursu znajdziesz tutaj-http://www.vanessapieretti.blogspot.com/2012/08/reneepl.html
    Zapraszam serdecznie!:)

  4. Aj, nie rób smaka osobie, która jest na diecie:D

  5. fajny kolor lakieru :) zapraszam serdecznie do mnie http://insplenan.blogspot.co.uk/ :) pozdrawiam : 3


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