24 August 2012

New Plans = New Life

Good afternoon! I told you that I got exams in august ?!
Yes, I guess I told it many times. My exams finished I had exams
from maths and chemistry and I passed both ! ^O^
But hmm.. I really didn't prepare to this exam too much.
to maths I prepared only 2 days, to chemitry only day
and from both I got 3(english.D) ! I'm so happy !
OK, my marks on diploma are not so awesome as I would want it.
For me the most important thing is that I graduated high school
and probably in May I will join to final exams. I feel really happy but also tired.
Now I think I need some rest after this stress last two days.
Two weeks later I will get high school diploma than I will go to
employment office to looking for some job, from september I wanna start
learn CHINESE by myself I will buy book for begginerss 
and can study this when I want because now I have so much time. :D

I started think about my life, I think I should change many things.
My life view is bad because I have no plan for this. Therefore I make those plans.
The most important point in my life now, is study Chinese in Taiwan.
Therefore I will search some ways to do it and search some nice
and with good programme University. :D Anyway I should also find job
to save money for those studies and I hope that after New Year Eve
I can go to England to my brother (as I planing it so long) and work there.
It's just my plan who knows maybe I can be in Taiwan faster ? :D 
right Lin ? hahahah take me there in bag LOL. 
Seriously after those terrible holidays I feel really clear happiness and relax.
I noticed that someone for who once I would do everything is just a jerk.
But nevermind why I should care about this ? Hahahahaha...

What about my new blog style ? better than older ? 
What do you think about this Header ?
I think this style of blog is much clear and fresh.
Header show you pic which I made once.
I just love photography ;)

I'm watching TV now and there is "Top of the Top" Festival
(this festival is in Sopot it's near my city)
and I heard there really nice song so I show you it.
Eric Saade feat. DEV - Hotter Than Fire
Singer is from Sweden.
 Last time I started like Swedish music.
They got really nice songs. ^.^ 


Quote for today
"Failure is only the opportunity to continue,
to use intelligence in action."
- Henry Ford


  1. Nowy wygląd bloga jest o wiele lepszy niż poprzedni ! Bardzo mi się tu teraz podoba!
    Piosenka świetna! Gratuluję zdania egzaminów. :)

  2. Może napisz do mnie na e-mail i wytłumacz dokladnie o co ci chodzi, a ja spróbuję się pomóc. :)


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