10 August 2012


Baltic Sea
Hi there !
Sorry my blog last time became so boring. I stopped add interesting
notes and ppl stop reading this, I don't know maybe it's just time
when all people enjoy last days of summer vacations. (?)
Anyway, last time I survived many things and bad situations
about what I really regret. I regret what I did to some person
which was the most important person for me. Sorry.
My life changed I don't know for better or not. People saying
"What's doesn't kill you make you stronger" but I feel such this killed me.
Maybe I just need time to get used to this situation or finally make
something with this. But I think really often that things
go too fast, and too far and I can't save it. It's so difficult now.
I feel lost in my mind. I don't feel nothing except regret and sad.
I know I have to do something with my life, from next week I will
repeats material from maths with my classmate Marika maybe she
help me in this. :) Now I'm studying chemistry and it's going really easy,
good that I got good memory and remember things from last year just need
repeat and read it a few times. ^^ I hope I pass it. But seriously
I afraid maths exam when i think about it I feels like a paralyzed
it's really not good feeling. 
OK I finishing sad writing ^^ now something about more nice topic.
Yesterday, I were with mom in Szperk Gallery, I bought nail polish :)
 color such like candy pink ^O^  but this company named it "Pretty Pink"
really awesome but I show u this on nails next time.:)
 Today one of my favourite Taiwanese stars publicised new MV
He looks so awesome !! I like this song anyway ;)
and MV is in style of last drama which I watched ;DD
hahah and yeah guy which sing is the main character this drama
English name Jiro Wang.

This weekend looks really nice in Saturday I go visit my friend Alicja (Ala) :)
in Sunday I will go for St. Dominic's Fair in Gdańsk :)
I wanna buy Korirakuma earphones ~!
my friend got one so I wanna also haha.. anyway so cheap..
 I wanna blue or pink or brown one haha so we will check it. ^^
Ola (Cherry) got birthday in Sunday so will be really nice to
spend this 18th birthday with her! XD
OK, That's all~
Bye bye ^^

Quote for today
"Human is a idea and miserable idea  
from the time when turns away from love."
- Albert Camus


  1. zapraszam cię do wzięcia udzialu w moim konkursie.do wygrania bon o wartosci 50zl na buty dash44.mam nadzieje,ze wezmiesz udzial poniewaz sa wakacje i jest bardzo male zainteresowanie-ale za to masz duze szanse jesli nie ma zbyt duzej konkurencji:)

  2. Madagaskar to raczej film animowany niż "bajka" ;) dzieci nie wszystkie sceny tam zrozumieją dlatego to jest bardziej przeznaczone dla nastolatków :):) serdecznie polecam :)

  3. Rozstania nigdy nie są proste. Czy masz lat 18 czy 38, zawsze boli tak samo, tylko z wiekiem szybciej znajduje się złe strony w bilansie, szybciej krzepnąc ;)

    Never give up ;)


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