16 August 2012

Alice in Wonder City

Bonbon say hello~~
Hahaha I think he really should be a model. XD so pretty right ? :)
Hmm.. I came here for tell everyone that I finished next chapter of
my life. It was good time but I think everything end in really bad way
but what can I do ? ^^ Nothing just I can let it go..
Some people come to our life so fast and so fast go also
We should just accept it and wish them all happiness
and I did it. I'm really tired this stupid situation.
I don't like when some person include in this situation
people which shouldn't know about it but OK it show how
childish is this person. ^^ Anyway..

OK, last time my days are full of laziness but I got plan.
In Saturday I go with my cousin and uncle meet with family 
from Warsaw ;) I guess there will be 2 aunts , cousin and uncle.
We will go there by ship ! ^O^ awesome ! I never gone anywhere
by ship and We will go to Jastarnia city. I hope I won't forget my camera
and make a lot of pics ! and show you it hahaha.

Last time, I started watching NEW drama ^^
taiwanese drama called Alice in Wonder City if you wanna watching this
 here is link (CLICK) episodes are in english
but some are in polish also but not completly
 therefore I watching it in english and improve my really bad skills. :)
Story is about two guys which play on violin.
One of them Ting Yu (Aaron Yan) is a focused and dedicated big city violin player.
He is so famous and give work his the bigges fan Lan Die Fei which somehow
help second violin guy Chen Hai Jie to play in orchestra 
with Concertmaster (Ting Yu), They became friend ;))
Assistent(Lan Die Fei) of Ting Yu fall in love in Chen Hai Jie which don't
love her but love girl called Alice and here is a secret.
Generally this drama have a lot of secrets which I discover
with every episode therefore is really interesting !!!
I can't tell more because I didn't finished drama yet but
I think it got really interesting story and somehow I can't miss this drama :)
Hahah Yeah one of them is my second favourite actor and singer
Aaron Yan or Yan Ya Lun :) I think He is so cute
and his character really is so interesting and unpredictable ;DD 
I like it.I show you some gif with Ya Lun from this drama ;)

So CUTE right ?

OK now some trailer ^^

Sorry That I didn't add some pics from St. Dominic's Fair (Jarmark Św. Dominikana)
but my camera died T.T my friend which live in Gdańsk told that She can
take pics when She will go there again so don't worry I will get those pics ;)

I wrote something about Ya Lun
so I show you his wonderful music !

Aaron Yan - Next to me
(he got also Japanese version this song if you wanna listen you can search it on youtube ^^)
Aaron Yan - I can see nothing but you

Enjoy !! ^^
Now I have to go
Bye bye~~

Quote for today
"We can understand each other,  
but to explain himself everyone can alone."
-  Hermann Hesse


  1. Nice ;) I observed I added your blog to watch;) Regards Aga

  2. CUTE <33 zwierzątko cudne, HUG <333


  3. książkę serdecznie polecam ;) :PP


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