19 August 2012

Jastarnia City (photo-story)

Gdynia port (Skwer Kościuszki) around 8.00am
Hello ^^
Today morning, I had to really early woke up
I couldn't sleep so I woke up after 2-3 hours nap haha but fine !
I gone for trip to Jastarnia City with my uncle and cousin.^^ So now will be more pic's
than writing ^^ because I just wanted show you how this city (?)
looks I think this city is good for relax but for people in my age and
around 30y.o. can be really boring.

We gone there by ship. I like collect some tickets so I made pics :)

This is from the bow of the ship,
I talked with my uncle talked about some things like school etc.
My cousin slept in bottom hahah after night party XD

 I don't know why but I like those pics.XD

in Jastarnia port ^^

 For don't disturb the family in discussions went 
for a walk with cousin in the surrounding streets.

 Map Gulf of Puck in Kashubian language (Kaszëbë).
It's some our dialect and so many people don't know this language.
 Some nice park and next pic's of streets ^^
 After walking We gone to some restaurant (?) play in billard.
Hahaha my cousin taught me but I think I'm really bad in this XDD
Than We gone eat some dinner 
and after dinner in some restaurant We gone to home 
and stayed there with one of my aunties and played in Macao
Poker and another card games :P When We got bored
We bought beers and gone for beach :)
We really don't like sun and care about our pale skin haha
therefore We chosen sit in some hmm wood so close to sea. 
After long time of boring but really healthy boring day. XD
We go back to Gdynia. ^^
 Photo with my cousin Artur on ship to Gdynia ^^
and some awesome sunset 
which I had to take photo ! XD

OK and this is end of my photo-story ^^
I think this day really make me feel so good :) 
I'm happy that I could spend time with family :DD
and boring and enjoy with cousin haha We really spend less time together.
but I hope it change someday ;))
Now questions
Do you think that those photo-story r good ?
I can make them more often of course I won't do photo-story of going
for shopping just for interesting places or events.
This photo-story do you like ?

OK now some song which rhythm remind me (a little) holidays. ^^

Tommorow my chemistry day ;)
from Monday I start learn math to exams ^^
and cousin told that maybe He can help me ;)
also I will train it with my classmate which also have
to pass the same exams. :P But I hope We both will pass 
it and everything will be fine. ^^ In this week also I will
get photo session so maybe soon will be some new pics of my person. ;))

OK now I go to sleep just I will check yours blog
and go to bed it's call me !! I feel so tired !


Quote for today
"Not much need to the happiness
a little bit of sand, sea, sky..."
- John Isidore Sztaudynger


Thank You for visiting and any comments ^ww^