22 March 2012

mini-shopping again.


today I was on some shopping and finally bought shoes !
I thought black or brown (chocolate) all time.
I don't want all time black shoes therefore I bought brown XD
I have pic of this

I also saw sooo cool high-heels but hmm maybe next time I will buy it. XD
What do u think about this shoes ? ^_^

btw. when I bought my hat I bought one shirt before too..
I wanted make pic in this but dont have time therefore I will show u
in this way
 maybe not so cool but it looks good on me XD
It's shirt from H&M some spring(birds) colection^^
hahah hanger - my younger brother's hand lmao

btw. I found new frugo yellow papaya haha.
soo yummy better than white. I'm waiting for red XDD

My dance presentation got good mark XD
I got many good marks but hmm didnt pass chemistry exam =.="
it was semester exam therefore I must pass exam from today.
I'm sure I pass it and next 12.04 from carbohydrates/sugars. =.=
will be ok. now I try improve my math and started working on lessons
and make some task's will be ok I will finish this school ! and pass matura exams !

Ok now time for make presentation and homework. :D
so bye bye..

20 March 2012


Dobry wieczór :)
[in polish good afternoon]

I was on the some shopping last time and tried find shoes
but i didnt find it yet. And I still look for some good shoes haha with my size
and not so expensive XDD

I was in Gdańsk and bought Charlie Chaplin hat style.

How I look ? :D I wanted show u my new shirt
but is too late now so maybe next time :).

Today I was on tutoring from chemistry. It's really easy tommorow
I will repeat it. I feel so tired.. 
but now time for study history.
I can be ask by teacher tommorow
and finish dance presentation for P.E. ^^
Ok so good night :D

18 March 2012


It was such a lazy day.
anyway I got some caugh so i took rest as my dear said ^^
really lazy and nice sunday haha..

tommorow I go for shopping I need new shoes
and hat ! :D
I think about shoes in this style :DD
but of course mine will be more pretty..:P 

and hat in charlie chaplin style hahahah.. 
really fit to my long hairs and fringe. I have one his movie
I need watch it someday haha ^_^

maybe tommorow I will try make pics in this xdd
I have some good mood but tommorow school ! ohh no =.="
I hate it ! xd I have to do 2 presentations , and homework.
and tommorow test biology eghh.. good that its almost last lesson
because now i dont want study XD too late haha.. 

Ok time for history homework and than sleep.
I will study biology tommorow.

so bye bye ^__^

17 March 2012


Hello! Yesteday was mi birthday ^^
It's birthday cake what I made with my mom.
carmel and choco bday cake. ^^ so yummy..

Thank u for all wishes !

generally I think this day was so bad, felt so bad infect it person
who i love.. I thought that it will be happy day but not..

*anyway i need clean my room and make my homeworks etc.
Ok so goodbye ^^

15 March 2012

Last days.

Welcome again. :D
Echh gosh this week is horrible good that tommorow friday.

first turtoring from chemistry i had semester exam. I dont think so that i passed it
but maybe by some miracle I did it. It was so difficult exam..=.="
I taught so long 2 hours turtoring+ in home and 3 h in school. Girl who taught me it is really nice,
hahah I talked with she long and many times she made me laught..
I'm "łosiu' (moose) hahahahahah.. ok ok good atmosphere to study is what i need.

Tommorow I will have probably exam from civic education so I will try make
some notes with book.

Tommorow is my birthday..
*but now feel a little bad....

12 March 2012


I didnt write whole weekend. Sorry.. maybe a little busy..

Saturday was ok :)
I was in Baltic Gallery with Cherry.

Sunday was good also with Agnes in the same place :P
and Starbucks Agnes : Frappucino Mocha ; Mine was Frappucino Carmel.

I didnt go to school.. feel so bad.. didnt sleep all night.


10 March 2012


Hello ^^
I thought about write tommorow because I feel so sleepy.
I need rest. I got today good mark from polish exam about which
I wrote last time. :D Anyway I wanted show u my some 
new cosmetic but not all.. XP

There is some gel for eyes and shave gel, mask (thailand lotos flower)
two nail polish orange and some kind of pearl, make up remover.
and I got gratis sample of perfume "Rock Angel" by Ewa Farna.
I think that this perfume is good maybe I will buy it next time. ;))
 Today I was on little shopping with mom. I bought some top's.
and 2 flower heir slides. ^^

*Sorry that pic is not clear but here is late and it is pic by phone.
I'm too lazy to play with my camera to make a good pic. XDD

Tommorow I will meet with my friend Cherry.
Ok ok.. I really need sleep..


08 March 2012

Internetional Woman's Day

Hi ! :D
Today is Internetional Woman's Day
therefore I got 2 orchidea flowers and chocolate ! ^^
Everything the best for all the ladies. :33

I was in PKO Polish Bank and made personal account
great because they have free payments around the world.
 Today I was in school got not new marks. Tommorow I have two
exams social science class "chapter law" and polish class
from Baroque, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment (literature).
 I had to make presentation about "asian music" but i didn't make it.
I didn't have time so I will do it next time ;))  
and learned about the passing the semester next week  
so I will need to go to tutoring in chemistry.

Good night.

07 March 2012

Hello ! ^__^
I'm Dorota. I wanted just make english version my blog. :D
generally I have 18 years old. (for 9 days will be 19 y. o.)
I'm from Poland. and wanted somehow show my boring and simply life. :3
hahaha.. anyway I hope improve my english because it's not still very well.
why title of my blog is "Never Give Up" ? because it's my some motto.
I will try write post's here as soon as is possible.

In short about me ? I interest music , dance , feshion, draw , cook , reading books and photography.

Now. Goodbye ^_^ and see ya next time.