10 March 2012


Hello ^^
I thought about write tommorow because I feel so sleepy.
I need rest. I got today good mark from polish exam about which
I wrote last time. :D Anyway I wanted show u my some 
new cosmetic but not all.. XP

There is some gel for eyes and shave gel, mask (thailand lotos flower)
two nail polish orange and some kind of pearl, make up remover.
and I got gratis sample of perfume "Rock Angel" by Ewa Farna.
I think that this perfume is good maybe I will buy it next time. ;))
 Today I was on little shopping with mom. I bought some top's.
and 2 flower heir slides. ^^

*Sorry that pic is not clear but here is late and it is pic by phone.
I'm too lazy to play with my camera to make a good pic. XDD

Tommorow I will meet with my friend Cherry.
Ok ok.. I really need sleep..



  1. ładnie pachnie ta maseczka?^^

    1. Tak ^^ bardzo ładnie pachnie <3 w końcu lotos.


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