07 March 2012

Hello ! ^__^
I'm Dorota. I wanted just make english version my blog. :D
generally I have 18 years old. (for 9 days will be 19 y. o.)
I'm from Poland. and wanted somehow show my boring and simply life. :3
hahaha.. anyway I hope improve my english because it's not still very well.
why title of my blog is "Never Give Up" ? because it's my some motto.
I will try write post's here as soon as is possible.

In short about me ? I interest music , dance , feshion, draw , cook , reading books and photography.

Now. Goodbye ^_^ and see ya next time.

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  1. Dobra - zaskoczę Cię - przejrzałam całego Twojego bloga. XD I cóż, muszę wypróbować ten Twój makijaż. I ojejku, ile Ty już podczas swojego blogowania nadostawałaś od tych mega ludzi! I te ciasteczkowe pandy, jeeeej! :D


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