12 May 2012

Rock angel

Hello ^^
 Long time didn't see u.
Sorry for my absence but somehow 
I didn't have any creative inspiration and 
got some bad days with people but now is ok. :)
But today I got new cosmetics from oriflame,
so i wanted show u it. ^^
- Green eyeshadows (Green Fusion) Very me ^_^ 
(I hope this eyeshadows will be harder to hold off 
on my eyelid from those who bought a while ago)
-  Blusher (cherry my cheeks lol) also Very Me :P
- Pure Colour Nail Polish (Baby Pink)
- Eau de toilette Rock Angel by Ewa Farna ^^ Really like it !
This "perfume" also had phone charm heart as u can see here.
- I got gratis some ginger & lime soap ^^
really nice :3

This is everything for today. Last days 
I did completly nothing but see from monday 
I start study chemistry and i hope i finish read book
because I have this book loooong time 
almost 6 months and can't finish lol. 

 I noticed that many ppl start watching and comment my blog :D 
and that you really liked my pics also  
my blog has been viewed more than 1000 times!
I'm really happy from this. I think about show you more photos.
maybe photoshot 2? I will see tommorow. ^^

Really thank u guys for watching and comment. :3
Anyway I'm really happy that some girls liked
my music on blog and asked about this ^^
 really happy to share with you the Asian music haha :D
therefore I think write note about this music. I really got
some power to writing now. :) Really thank u all !

so now maybe some song hope u will like it ;)
 some slowly songs


 and much dance songs :D

 Hahaha I really should make special note for this.

Oh almost i forgot some blog-friend made "distribution"
u can win this.. :D so I refer you here for more :

P.S If u got some questions and want know more about me
I refer you to my formspring.me
I'm really curious about yours questions ^^
Thank you.

Ok.. See ya next time :)
Bye bye ~~

Quote for today:
"Friendship get to know the fact that nothing can fail
and the true love that nothing can destroy it. "
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



  1. Wszystkie Piosenki są super. ; )

    1. Cieszę się że tobie się spodobały ;))

  2. uwielbiam jak perfumy mają ładne buteleczki! :D

    1. Tak ten perfum ma ładną buteleczkę ;]


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