19 April 2012

stray kitty

Long time didn't write nothing I know.
but I had really hard and not good days.

I all time looking for a job for summer I need save money
to fulfilled finally my dreams. Yesterday I got english speaking exam
my english teacher was suprised that I speak really good haha.
but I did my best and at the end i god C(4 in polish).

After school I gone back to home but before go
to home XD I went to kitty. She is stray cat
when i see something like that I want take cat/dog
to my home haha.. She is really nice anyway got some
cut off fur in some places what means that she had some operations.
She is really nice always call to me "meow" when see me and come to me 
or my mom. :D I really can't look on this I want take She to home
with my mom. Of course I'm not sure how my cat Kociambra will act 
when She come to our house. We want take her for on trial 
if Kociambra will accept she. We will go to veterinarian to check  
what wrong of her paws because she a little limp 
and to examine her general. ^^ Ppl from others houses give She food
play with she and stroke but nobody dont want call somewhere
or take her to their home.. now me and my mom feel pity beacuse that cat
anyway look at her pics she is really cute 
and very trustful to the people it seems that someone 
throw up She but me and mom will check it. 
Poor kitty T.T...

Hah yeah I really love animals as my mom I would have big home
where I could have many cats,dogs and etc. Maybe it's something
what I'm made I mean to help animals. Therefore I think to study something
with it once maybe zoology ? but we will see with time..

"Remember that everything what you make in life 
will leave a trace. So be aware of what you are doing.." 
Paulo Coelho
"Be like the river flowing"

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