07 October 2012

Rainy days

Hi~ How are you ? There is place where is not rainy weather ?
It seems real autumn came. Ahh.. Seriously I don't know about what write to you.
I don't have good days. I feel I caught cold.. I got runny nose
and feel so tired. It's not only physical but also mental tiredness.
It's really bad time for me..

 Nothing better than evening with book and Vanilla Cappuccino. :)
From boredom I started play with PhotoScape
and its effect. :) I really like this pi
It got something.. ^^

Last days I spend time on playing in games.
I playing in PIGG it's Japanese game ^^
Yeah everything is in Japanese. It got a few versions.
in first one I don't play in this version often because it don't have
and quests or something just need prop peaople and ring their rooms 
but this u getting candies for which u cant but really nice clothes 
or something. its just if someone is bored. XD
 Year ago they made PIGG LIFE and it's pigg farm :D
here are quests can win some nice clothes etc. ^^
My clothes here are in Alice in Wonderland series.
really cute :)
 This year they made PIGG Island ! :) It's some hmm tropical
game the same got quests can build some things and win clothes. :D
 Not long ago I noticed they made PIGG Cafe :)
Here can cooking and it's just our restaurant
got many quests etc. :D I started play in this version not long ago
so my cafe is so poor haha. :)

 I play in Japanese games but don't know Japanese.
I do everything by pics and somehow it working. :D
Those 4 games are on Japanese website it's a little like blogspot
in Japanese version but can add friends there ^^ I made it long time ago
for follow my favourite jrock members but actually I have account there
only for play in those games XDD
  If you wanna see my blog there just CLICK.
but I really don't write there nothing. ^^
Because I play... XD Just for kill boredom.

Yesterday I cooked something from rest in my fringe :DD
It was just chicken breast with mun mushrooms and FIX for Chinese food.
  Yummy XDD 

OK that's all for today. ^^

bye bye~~

Quote for today
"I don't say I love you to hear it back, 
I say it so you don't forget."


  1. też nie cierpię tej pogody... omg piggi! grałam w to milion lat temu lol xD

  2. Żarełko wygląda pysznie...
    Tez nie lubię jak pada, wtedy nie mam na nic ochoty, tylko bym siedziała zawinięta w koc i piła ciepłą herbatkę...

    Poza tym śliczny masz kubek^^

  3. *hug*
    nie gram, bo skasowałam tam bloga xD'

  4. Ciekawa jest ta gra , chętnie bym sobie w taką zagrała ale niestety nie ma czasu. ;<
    Świetne piosenki ! ;-)


  5. zapraszam do mnie na konkurs: http://madame-chocolate.blogspot.com/

  6. Hello!!
    Your blog is amazing! Loved it!!
    Can you please follow me back? (i follow already)
    If you want, please, follow my twitter, I'd appreciate!!


  7. Hey :) Oh actually there is a place where it doesn't rain right now--my town xD Aberdeen is known as one of Scotlands "bad weather" towns but the weather has been really great recently.
    But I hope the sun will come to yours soon!
    I like the dish you created using what was left in your fridge. I'm always looking for easy dishes because I can't cook ;D So thank you for that ♥

  8. Ok zmiana planów nie idę na koncert nie mam się w co ubrać

  9. Jakiś muszę mieć xD

  10. Nice post.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
    My Blog

  11. ciekawa gierka :)) niestety, że tak powiem nie mam czasu na gry i wgl prze naukę zaniedbuje nawet blog ;/ Musi się to jak najszybciej zmienić i dlatego napisałam już nową notkę. zapraszam :))


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