12 October 2012

Last days

Hello~ Last days are really hard for me. I don't know I'm confused.
Why everything is so hard to do ?? I really have no idea.
Why when I try do something it's too hard for second person.
Ahh again and this weird dream.. Anyway I started to laying puzzle
with mom haha I really like it but get bored fast  
and from the 1000 elements of puzzle We laid only frame
and made it two days hahaha.. Anyway It's remind me childhood
when always in autumn , rainy days I layed puzzle
with mommy ^^ It's really nice memory. :) 

Anyway Last days I were on some shopping
today also ^^ I got some little gift from mom.
It was piano~ music box combined with jewellery box ;)
 really nice and looks so good in my room. ^^
I like some pretty accessories to room like this. :)

 Two days ago in one of polish supermarket. I found eyeliner
which I really love use :D this one is my favourite
so I add review. ^^ It's Waterproof Eyeliner from Eveline Cosmetics.
Liquid Precision.
 It's really nice small bottle I think it's enough for 6 months.
but I use it longer. I don;t use eyeliner really often. :P
Colour is black. 
Pencil is stiff therefore it's really easy to draw
lines ;) (for me) I don't like when pencil getting weird 
and draw on whole eye and destroy my make up. XD
 Lines are really dark and don't lose colour
 I guess it's by this pencil. Generally it's perfect for me. :D
Pic without any make up as you can notice lines looks perfect !

Here in my traditional light brown make up. :)
I used on it eye shadows from Miss sporty and
and a little golden shadow from Origlame 
+ brown pencil and white pencil from Orilame too.^^
This eyeliner dries quickly so it does not smeared or faded
I think it's look really good !
Sorry but my eyebrows live own life anyway they are so light
blonde as u see. XDD ahh blonde girls problem.. :P 
but I accepted them and don't try dye. It's fits to my face and hairs ^^
Another things of this eyeliner is that it's really waterproof !
and really long keep on the eyes! After maybe 6-7 hours it's start crash.
So I really recommend around 8 PLN in Biedronka or another's shops
with cosmetic stuff ^^ 

Another things from shopping is :o
Hello Kitty pen LOL XDD I bough it really cheap only 3PLN
in chinese shop in my city haha.
When I tried write something...
 ...it began to glow ;O I were in shock !
Anyway it's really cute and funny pen. I like it. XD
I found also in this shop some sweet etui to phone !
I couldn't stop and bought it. XDD Only 5PLN :)
Today when I woke up my mom come 
to my room and gave me postcard !
Postcard from Taiwan. ^^
Gosh, It's really nice !! I like it because it's shows
part of my lovely country <3 as Hsiang wrote it's
north coast of Taiwan ! 
Gosh it's looks really nice~ and yeah, when I will be there 
I want see this ! ^O^ It's only shows how beautiful is that island :)
Ilha Formosa ! :333

Now some music ;))
Christina Aguilera - Your Body
The GazettE - Before i Decay
I want some concert >.<!

See ya soon~~


  1. Chińskie shopy są the best
    albo te tzw 'wszystko po 5pln'
    a pianinko przypomina mi
    dzieciństwo ^^" przyjaciółka
    mojej mamy pełno takich rupieci
    zbierała xD


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