10 November 2012

Soul of Asia vol. 3

Hi ! Thank you for all comments under last note but some people bad understood those things about which I wrote but it's OK because I know I didn't write nothing in a simple.

Anyway, How are you ? My days last time were so bored I just waited for day when I can go somewhere. This day was yesterday. :D hahahah OK I wrote a little complicated but nevermind :D Yesterday I couldn't sleep almost whole night because thought about evening. :P I didn't know what dress up etc. At the end I decided that it will be just shorts and some nice blouse with birds :D ! I gone to Miyako ♥(her blog >>HERE<<) around 4.30 pm. I were in her home around 5 pm. so I was punctual ! XD Nevermind that I didn't know to which staircase go and ring to some strangers LOL. but I learn it after a few min. and go to her. ^^ We meet and started prepare to party. ;) She gave me artificial(or fake how who want) eyelashes. XD I just improved make up and We was ready to go :D
  Sorry that pic not so clean but in her room was bad light etc. :D but nevermind I just wanted have pic with her <3 I love you ! you know. ;) I'm so happy that I met you. ^^ I ate something and We run for train. :D When train came as always a little late. =.= We meet in train Saku. :D My old friend from some jrock concerts. ^^ We talked and finally in Sopot. :D I remeber way to club but We lost at the end =.=" Good that I noticed Luzgan :D My friend and asked him that it's here and finally We were in right place. XD I meet some my old friends and people which I don't like but meet also some new nice people. We started drink etc. When I gone with Saku to toilet I meet my some old Chinese friends. When I noticed them I feel so happy haha because I didn't see them so long. :) 
 Left : Xin , Miyako , Me , Saku and Gavin.
  I hope anybody kill me for publicate this photo haha I think it is nice one. XD As at the party We just talked,danced,sing and played to Gangnam Style. Haha It was really nice whole my stress gone away and I forgot about my life for a while. ^^ So much fun and it's one night which I will remeber always. ;) At the end of party I felt a little down just some stupid thoughs come back to me in one moment. I felt so sad so We just gone to home but now I see it was really good time a lot of fun and with people which I like. :) "Because in life the most important are only moments". Thank you all for everything really... I know I'm sometimes strange and behave so silly but it's me and nice that you accept it. ;) I hope that We will keep in touch. :) I were in home around 4 am. In train to home was so many people because you know Friday night means party time. Actually I feel hurt in legs and throat and a little hangover even I didn't feel drunk yesterday. ;O

 I feel that soon I get shopping day with mom ^^ anyway I have some news for you to show etc. but it will be in next note ;) Now some song which pitiful I heard only one time at this party. >.<" You know it was party only with Asian music. I'm asking why there was all time kpop and just 2 songs taiwanese pop =.= egh but ok maybe next time I can propose something and it will be accepted because I was too late when I learned about this party. =.= Anyway OK now song.
Show Luo - Count on me



  1. Pierwsze zdjęcie jest super, widzę fajny pokój :)

  2. jesteś Polką, mieszkasz w Polsce, ale czemu blog po angielsku? szkolisz język, czy wolisz by blog trafił do większej liczby odbiorców?:D

  3. krejzi fotki :PP
    a film naprawdę polecam :))

  4. Oj było fajnie :) Tylko wiesz, nast. razem
    musimy GET DRUNK!!! :D I nie ma żadnego dołowania
    bo łopatą przez łeb :D

  5. super zdjęcia, super blog!
    obserwuję i pozdrawiam :)


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