24 November 2012

Gloomy Bear

Hello ! What's up ? ^^
I'm fine but a little bored. >.< I feel I getting cold because I got runny nose today. =.= From Thursday I stay in home and just in Sunday maybe I go out meet with one Chinese friend again. ^^ In next week me and Mika planing go to Gdańsk for beer~ with our Asian friends. I feel that time will be so nice.. Today I just chatted with my friends. :) One of them asked me about make pic in my old blouse Gloomy Bear. :D So I show you it. :)
Hahaaha what boredom do with people. XD I think I need change my stuff and make my phone looks more nice. I will use to this stickers which I got from my Chinese friend and need buy some stuff. I also planing go to shop buy a lot of Christmas Postcards and send it to all my friends (Polish and foreign). It's really enjoyable but actually I need wait for injection of money. XD Serious I don't know about what I should write I don't have any ideas for post. I think next time I show you some sweets from Asia because finally I need try them. ;o Ah I found new favourite singer from Taiwan I don't know why but He remindas me my one Taiwanese friend :) so similar hairs and eyes generally but when I see him in another hairstyle He don't look like my friend too much Anyway I show you his songs now. ^^
潘瑋柏 Will Pan - 專屬於你(belong only to you)

潘瑋柏Will Pan - 24個比利 (24 Billy) Acoustic version.
I just like this version much than original because by his voice
I can see his feelings ! really awesome song ;) check out !



  1. Pierwsza piosenka jest lepsza. ;]
    Gdańsk jest piękny. *.*

  2. piosenki nie w moim typie ale mimo wszystko 2 wpadła mi w ucho :D

  3. Hey thanks for your encouraging comment ♪ Oh yeah, bottom lashes are really great!
    Th picture with the hoode is adorable and thanks for sharing the songs!!

  4. Bardzo podobo mi się twój blog <333

    Zapraszam na mojego bloga, można obserwować:

  5. Też je uwielbiam!Nawet już w aparacie wydawało mi się,że została dobrze uchwycona chwila;)

    świetna bluza<3
    a co z naszymi zdjęciami?:P
    spotykamy się jeszcze przed świętami?


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