01 November 2012

Hello November

Cześć ! Co tam ? I'm OK. ^^
Sorry, I didn't write longer time but I had no idea
what I could write. >.< Today I will show u some food :D
German sweets and some made by me which once were
on blog but I cooked them again and wanted show it new readers. ^^
Not long ago when my mom back to home She come with sweets !
soo many sweets German and others which I never ate. :P
First was lindor Chcolates ^^ really yummy as truffles

 Than some strange cookies O.o
 Petits fours med choklad & marang
but really yummy ^^
and marcepan ! really yummy small chocolate ;)
The rest i think that everyone know. ^^

Oneday my mom came to home from walk with dog and told
outside is stray kitty ! so i run there and found him.
Gosh sooo cute ! I wanted take him to home but He was afraid >.<
Probably lost his mommy T.T At the end He found his momy after 2 days.
and stopped visit our flats. T.T

Last days I also started cook as I told the same dish
which I showed u once it was my own hot doggs :D
its sasuage in french cake with cheese and ketchup :)

 They was really yummy ! I love it. :)

and Classic Dorota's Salad with mozzarella , t
omato and special sauce by me ^^
I love this salad I could eat it more often. XD
really delicious and got original taste I like it.

 I don't know why but I dont have inspirations to write.
I need think about it. Last days became wonderful :D
All the time I send postcards and recive them :)
I'm really happy ! I waiting for a few which are on the way
to Poland. ;) But everything I will show you when I recive it. :D
Haha at the end I want show you Bonbon :)
He really grown up ! :) Ahh so cute bunny :DD
Acturally He changing fur for winter :D Therefore in some parts
of his body is less hairs because new hairs are really short
and strong :D OK that's all for now ^^ I leave u with music !
炎亞綸 Aaron Yan - 「紀念日」 The Moment



  1. Aww this post is so cute and it actually makes me hungry :) sorry for late respone <3

  2. Śliczny Króliczek :)

    Zapraszam do siebie i do podążania za mną :)


  3. jejj, w przyszłym roku jedziesz do Londynu ? ? Ale Ci zazdroszczę :PP weź mnie ze sobą ;]

  4. Matko ale masz fajnie :D londyn i to na pół roku :p superowo normalnie :D a masz tam jakąś rodzinę że chcesz się tam uczyć ? :p

  5. Kocham te czekoladki Lindta *.* Obserwujemy? :3

  6. jej no to ambitne plany z tą dalszą edukacją :p chociaż poziom nauki w wielkiej brytanii jest podobno niższy niż u nas więc z pewnością nie będziesz mieć tam problemów czy coś :)
    a co do opowiadania to niedługo napiszę prolog tak na próbę i może cię nim przekonam :p


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