05 November 2012


Cześć ! Jak tam ? I'm OK ^.^ Today I got really nice surprise ! When I woke up my mom come to my room and showed me some package. XD I guessed who could send me something because told that buy some sweets etc. :D It was from Taiwan. ^^ From my friend Lied <3 Haha sweets was send because Halloween :D Not long ago I did it also to him I hope He will enjoy as I did. ^^ as last time Lied draw for me postcard haha It's in halloween style.^^ I like it so much !  
谢谢你 !!
I tries two things from that package. :D First was some Chili Boiled Quail Eggs. They had specific smell. After a few I started feel spicy taste. They are good but I prefer much sweet things or much spicy.XD
Second thing - Chocolate candies. :D Gosh They are so yummy ! Delicious <3 I like it so much :D Consistency is a little like Polish Krówka. but They are much chocolate. :D Anyway I liked them. :)

Someone tried some forgein sweets and got favourite ones ?
if got what kind of sweets it's and which country ? :)

Ok time to say goodbye :D I leave you with nice violin cover. If someone have enough Gangnam style or just like this song I have something special for you. :D I like violin so I found it. 
PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) - Jun Sung Ahn Dance & Violin Cover 
Enjoy ;)



  1. oh słodkości wyglądają naprawdę smakowicie :3
    a co do coveru to... mózg rozjebany LOL dziwnie trochę to brzmi, ale z drugiej strony strasznie to fajne haha

  2. Delicious chocolate !!!!!
    Great blog
    I'm following you now !



  3. też kiedyś miałam okazje jeść te czekoladki <3 przepyszne !


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