16 July 2012

Yeah, Never give up

Bonbon say Hello

Almost one or more hours I did this Header even it dont looks
like that.. but I really just wanted something change in my blog.
I thought about give big photo of Bonbon but this I idea is good right ?
Maybe not fit a lot to blog but don't worry with time,
everything going better I really want change this blog.
This is my space to do what I want, share with u my ideas
and in some way show myself.

Last note weren't so happy note but believe me now
I feel better and got some energy to make everything better.
 Yesterday I were with Matsu in Auchan in Rumia :DD
We ate icecream~ and a lot of talk. Matsu hope see ya in Friday. ;)
I wanna meet with some people because I think my "soul" need it.
After months without seeing ppl except in school. I really need it.
I want make myself better get skills, pass exams etc.
OK, I worry that everything will be bad and won't be as I planned.
But I start believe in myself ! Because I can't give up.
as my blog got name "NEVER GIVE UP" I won't give up never.
I have to fight about my dreams ! as someone once teached me
"fighting" and yes i will, i do and i did. =)

I wanted ask who like 1D (One Direction) ?
It's really nice band from UK which joined
to American X Factor. They got really nice songs.
After it I just look on wikipedia search some informations about them
and I found that this guys r in my age. :D Really nice !
I would go for their concert if They can be in Poland 
but I don't know. We will see.
This is my favorite video.

Ahh.. and I wanted tell in December is concert
jrock(japanese rock) concert An Cafe ! I don't know maybe
I will go there. but tickets cost more than 100PLN
and in Cracow.  Anyway If you like so happy and nice music
which  sometimes in bad rainy day can make u feel really nice
You can join to this concert. ^^ An Cafe is a jrock band as
I told which got oshare-kei style. Remeber all oshare-kei music is more
happy music. Jrock got also visual-kei but it's much rock music and
sometimes such like metal. Anyway ok enough talking
I show u my favorite songs this band.

If u wanna know more informations about this kind of music or something ;)
Tell me maybe I make note about this, at the end I were interested this 
and know some things~~ :D

Thank u for all.
Thank people who read my blog.
Thanks for following.

Quote for today
"Do not give up to despair.  
Life isn't better or worse than our dreams
is just completely different."
-William Shakespeare


  1. one directoin :**
    obserwujesz ? odwdzięczę sie :)

  2. Wszystkie piosenki są świetne ! ;-)

  3. zostałaś oTAGowana w "Tag.. Kanały youtube na celowniku:)" więcej info u mnie na blogu: http://karmel-ciastko-czekolada.blogspot.com/2012/07/tag-kanay-youtube-na-celowniku.html
    zapraszam ♥


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