30 July 2012


絕對達令 / Jue Dui Darling
eng. Absolute Boyfriend
Hello ^^
Today I wanna tell u something about drama
which I finished watching today. :D Drama title is Absolute Boyfriend.
I started watching this drama because main character
is one from my favorite taiwanese actors,singers Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit)
but when I started watching, it made me interested and couldn't sto
therefore 13 episodes i finished in one and half day haha.

In short, story is about girl which have bad luck in love,
by accident in park she found mobile phone one guy which
work in special company where make robots "perfect boyfriend".
She wrote how should behave and what skills should get
her perfect boyfriend ;) After this she got her "perfect boyfriend"
which she named Wan Nai Te(Jiro Wang) :) She teach him how live such like
human etc. Generally story is really cool ^^ especially unpredictable.
But end of this drama made me really sad ! T.T
If really can recommend this drama because is fantastic !!
and really move heart. :3

Ok here you got trailer
Pity that can't watching this drama in polish but hmm ^^
i think english is OK  of course if someone understand good. :)
if you wanna watch it here is link.( CLICK )
P.S New songs are soundtracks from this drama ;)

That's all what I did last 2 days. XD
Whole day watching drama haha. this is my way for holidays.
but from now I start study :) but I got something for u :D
Photos of Bonbon. I know everyone really like him.
so how i can miss note without his pics~~
Laying Bonbon under my bed :D
Sleepy darling~~
Bonbon's dinner. *om nom nom nom*

Ok, Byebye~~

Quote for today
"In love can't hurt each other  
because everyone is responsible for their own feelings 
and has no right to condemn another."
- Paulo Coelho "Eleven Minutes"


  1. fajny ten filmik :):) zapowiada się ciekawie :D ach ten królik <3 :D:D jaki on słitt :**

  2. ale fajnego masz tego kroliczka :3

  3. Ale słodko wyszedł na ostatnim zdjęciu (*⌒∇⌒*)

  4. świetny królik!
    i fajna muzyka na blogu :)

    Zapraszam do wzięcia udziału w rozdaniowym konkursie na moim blogu :)


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