08 July 2012


Bonbon night king XD
 Hi !!
Long time, I didn't write. But It's because I had some
problems and wanted rest a little. 
Now, everything going really good. ^^
I wanted tell something but I don't know how to tell it.
But OK, I back to my darling~
We start again and I'm so happy now :3
Everything getting really good!
One problem is with exams in august
and some "myself problems". I just see, I should change.
Stop, do nothing. Just don't give up and
start fighting and working for my future/dreams!

Ok Last time i wrote that I will show u 
my blue dress from Reserved.
I got only one photo were you can see it.
but looks strange XD but ok.
I will public it haha.. so ugly pic. :P
bleeh dont look on my face and pose because
I couldn't
fit in the frame, I'm too tall.
and I didn't know what to do with hands
Ahh In august I planing photo session
Probably using two different landscape.
First will be on beach much summer session,
second will be on some ruins or old place generally.
It will be soo cool finally I get photo session !

Yesterday from boredom 
I started paint my nails green and one is orange.
I just read in some magazine that it's feshionable
get ring-finger in diffrent color so i did it and look. :D
For make u sure I did pics of two hands XD
Anyway its remind me a little Ireland
haha but didnt got white accent. XDD

Now I show u my cat spiderman XDD
Yesterday 4.00am me and my younger brother don't sleep. :D
Brother heard "meow, meow, meow".
He go for balcony with think that 
some little cat (hungry) is under and wanna food.
He look down and there is who ? :D Kociambra !
exactly two floors below. Hahahah how she did it.?!
 I really have no idea. XD We tried help her
 took blanket tied links to she sit there 
and get her up to home but didn't work
so We waited for 6am to go to
neighbor for get cat from his balcony.
Anyway She is OK. :)

Yesterday, I were in shopping center "Szperk".
I gone to PEPCO and bought some accessories!
bracelet and necklace but I'm so sure I will back
there and buy more things ;) Ok now some pic's of this shopping.

For the end I wanna show u my pics with Bonbon :D

Ok now one song
which made that
I wanted to watch Twilight XDD

Quote for today
"Happiness consists in exact determination of what 
in our lives is to be the one thing really need 
and the serene resignation of the rest."
 -Thomas Merton


  1. Nie wiedziałam, że masz króliczka :*

    Dziękuje za komentarz :)

  2. Bonbon :): <3 <3 jaki on słitaśny :):) fajny lakier :):) i biżuteria też :PP

  3. hehe mam nadzieję, że utrzymasz sie na tej pozycji :):)

  4. Usagi:D:D:D
    W Pepco fajną mają biżu ^^


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