12 June 2012


Bunnies ! :D haha
I convinced my mom to recruit a new family member  
which will be a BUNNY. XD
So maybe in next weeks i get one. ;3
Hahaha feel so happy ^o^
 Bunnies live 7-10 years. soo it's good..
because my rat left me after 2 years and i survived 
it really bad. Anyway I'm ready to get new animal.
Sorry but I can't live without them. Animals were in my life
from childhood. Always I had/have many pets in home.
Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fishes, Hamsters, Rat XD haha.
Now I have dog (Ati), cat (Kociambra) and aquarium with 29 fishes haha.

What I did today ? 

Haha Ati photomodel lol.
I went for walk to forest to check my rat place. I did it
for relax too. Last days I really have some strange mood,
one time i laught a few moments later I feel bad. I really don't
like time like this, and really this walk made me feel better.

After it, I went to shopping center Szperk with mom (near my home).
We bought some fishes to aquarium and I bought something.
Bel'amour - Bow with little flowers (Pepco shop) XD
but I will back there and buy more things ! ;P

I wanna change phone for more modern one lol.
My brother who live in england probably will buy me it.
I really hope so. Goodbye my old Samsung Corby :P
pic from >>LINK<<
 Welcome Samsung Galaxy ACE XD 

Ok this is all :) for the end will be my (and my dear) one of fav frutis
which i eat all time. xd
not good pic, sorry but by phone..
 The most cute song on the world !
I love this ! (lol this bunny at the end is like me)

 Ciao !

 Quote for today
"Where there is love there is life."
- Mohandas Gandhi


  1. Jejku, genialna jest ta druga fotka ♥

  2. Awww super, że będziesz mieć króliczka - to takie słodziaki hehe :3 chociaż mój jeden to wyjątkowy dzikus xp
    ooo i też mam szajsunga galaxy ace ;]

  3. Ja mam psa od 4 roku życia i też nie wyobrażam sobie życia bez zwierząt.

  4. Ja mam 9 psów -_- plus 3 szczeniaczki, hahaha^^

  5. jeju jakie te króliczki słodkie :) i piesek też :D

  6. też sobie zamówiłam Samsunga Galaxy Ace ;D


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