06 June 2012

Ti amo

Last time i thought who is important for me.
My family and bf made it clear, They r important for me.
I don't trust nobody except them. 
I got some problems in school or something
They are always beside me and support me.
the biggest problem is that long time ago
I didn't notice what I have.. I was blind yeah..
maybe I got crazy family but really even in difficult situations
their some behaviours make me laught really.. XDD
Anyway I love whole family and he Yes, him !
only when He is beside me, I can feel happiness.
I smile only because of him everyday. Love him so much!!
He is the most amazing guy on the world for me.<3333
I'm addicted of him.<3 Hehh when i get sad or bad moment
he is beside and make me feel better  the same when I'm so happy
I share with him my happiness and he do it to me also.
and really nobody never didn't do more for me like He did.
nobody never so care about me like He do!
Good have someone who u can tell everything
and who will support u and who really care about you,
it's true love. But u know what is cool ?:DD 
Declan is only ONE and is MINE <3 ! HA!

Song for today, hmm if thinking deeply,
this song is about me and him. ;)

I got dilemma I think about erase my piercing.
but not sure yet, anyway this piercing 
got something from my past. I mean end of middle 
school hahaha. and get free lol. I did it when I had 16 y.o. 
anyway I got bored about this but 
i have it still just because I'm used to have it.
What do you think about it ? I really don't know
but guess I will erase it with time.


  1. słodziak !! :)

  2. lubię tą piosenkę ! ;-)
    Słodki jest ten twój husband, hehe.^^
    A co do biegania to ja już dzisiaj zaczęłam.:D
    A za niedługo wstawię link do mojego bloga. ;-)

  3. pewnie, że nadejdzie. ;))

  4. Zostałaś wyróżniona !
    Zapraszam do zabawy :)


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