01 September 2012


Good evening! I wanted tell you about new option in my blog.^^
It's translator. I know many polish people visit and read my blog.
There my one blogger friend told me about translator.
Maybe it's not so good translator because it's google translator.
but if this will make better reading for polish people, It's OK.

Thank You All !
For Follow and visited my blog !
It's really nice get a lot of nice comments and followers ;)
I do my best in writing this blog. I hope that I make progress. ^^

Long time ago I told you that I show u my new nail polish
 Hahaha I know it's late byt nevermind :D
Sorrt fir guilty but hmm made 
by phone and evening so sorry.
This nail polish called Lemax Colour Star is really nice
really fast dry and got really nice purple colour. ^^

Not long ago I had some special dinner :D It was really yummy ^^
potatos with chicken breast in sour cream and herbs!
It was really delicious ahh and  low salt pickles made ​​by my mom.;)

Today I go scans of some asian(probably chinese) newspaper from
my friend Karolina.^^ Now less because she couldn't find
more but never mind I show u them. I hope She won't be angry 
if I show you this. Karolina really thank you !! Both r scans how to make
some hairstyle etc. The first one I really like anyway models
looks so cute. ^^ LOOK.
 I prefer first hair style XD I dont know why but last time
I really liked braids and curls. Good for autumn. XDD

I started download music ;)
I really like now Taylor Swift. She got really nice songs.
Therefore today I will show two songs.
Taylor Swift - You belong to me
4ever - 4ever


Quote for today

"The writer gives the metaphor of the body, 
but the reader, soul."
- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


  1. Kolor lakieru jest bardzo ładny, jak dla mnie rzadko spotykany. ;-)
    Dobrze, że dałaś ten tłumacz. :)
    A piosenki Taylor Swift bardzo lubię szczególnie 'Love Story' <3.

  2. Lakier jest śliczny. :)

    xoxo, elverka.

  3. fajnie ze masz tego tłumacza ;))
    sliczne zdj ;d


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