16 September 2012

Must have

Hi~ What's up ? :3
I'm really good ^^ Today just made list of things
which I would like to get(buy) for autumn/winter season. ^^
most of pic's are from Bereshka but don't mind it.
I think clothes like this can buy everywhere.

 1. Ramones jacket

2.Some really warm and comfortable sweater ^^

3. Dress this one is awesome !

 4. Jacket good if would be like this one ^^

5. Trausers/Jeans necessarily in light colors !

6. Workers Shoes ;) really fashionable this autumn/winter

 7. Sneakers high top

 That's all ^^ Hmm.. Today I made dinner ^^
It was really health and yummy dinner.
Please, don't think that I'm on diet I just like
sometimes eat salad XDD

Do you like salads?

 Now songs~

Taylor Swift - Ours 

Sam Tsui - Don't Want An Ending



Quote for today
"Don't share your top secrets with anyone 
because if you yourself can't keep them 
never expect that somebody else will."


  1. Jak dla mnie, spodnie są najlepsze z tego wszystkiego ( ・ω・) Chciałam kiedyś kupić sobie ramoneskę, ale się powstrzymałam, bo to jednak nie mój styl... A sałatka wygląda przepysznie (¬‿¬)

  2. Bo ja jednak wolę styl kawaii a nie rokku (^_^)
    spoooczko, zamiast ramoneski, sztuczne futro sobie
    kupiłam i też się cieszę hihi (^▽^)

  3. A już chciałam pisać komentarz po angielsku >.<
    Brałabym ten sweterek ♥


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